The popularity of Hockey and MMA in the current sports scene

The popularity of Hockey and MMA in the current sports scene
Hockey is a sport that has gained popularity. PHOTO: Pixabay

There are many sports that fight for the first positions of popularity. Some, like football, have already managed to assert their leadership position very easily, being the most practiced sport on the entire planet and having one of the events with the largest audience, the Soccer World Cup, whose end in 2018 reached 1,120 millions of viewers around the world.

Nonetheless, there are quite popular sports disciplines that maintain a considerable growth rate, as is the case with hockey and MMA (Mixed martial arts) with increasing audience levels. Another good way to measure the growing popularity is these sports, is the interest in hockey betting and the UF MMA bettingC.

Why is the UFC so popular??

During the last years, mixed martial arts have enjoyed a surge in viewership. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the company that brings together the best mixed martial arts athletes and directs events around the world. Las betting MMA UFC occur in the main events of the franchise, which are named by number.

For example, the most recent event was the UFC 272 and what happened in the past 5 of March, having as protagonists the fighters Covington vs.. Masvidal. The next event of the franchise will be the UFC 273, what will happen on saturday 9 April 2022, with the main confrontation between Volkanovski vs.. The Korean Zombie.

Ice hockey is also growing in popularity

Hockey betting and in general, all this sports discipline, they have also managed to carve out a place among the most influential sports of the time. The National Hockey League is responsible for the main events and championships enjoyed between clubs in Canada and the United States, In addition to being a fairly popular sport in the Winter Olympic Games.

It is a sport that receives a lot of attention and exposure on social media. Although it is popular more than anything in Canada and the United States, has recently taken off in Latin America, Asia and Europe, especially due to being an attractive market for betting, with ongoing events throughout the year.

Both sports represent attractive markings for betting

The preference level of bets on sports such as hockey, It is mainly due to the ease that it can mean for bettors to study the line-up of each team for an event., where as in football, the elimination of a player has an enormous weight on the balance of forces during the match.

In the same way, mixed martial arts have the advantage that each event has a small selection of competing athletes. Pairs of wrestlers compete in different categories, reducing the analysis to the strengths and weaknesses of each pair of athletes that will be facing each other in each category, being able to apply strategies to increase the chances of winning.

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