Who are the 10 best Argentine tennis players in history?

Who are the 10 best Argentine tennis players in history?
Juan Martín del Potro is one of the best Argentine tennis players in history. PHOTO: https://sp.depositphotos.com/

Who are the best Argentine players of history? David Nalbandian withdrawal left a little orphan to the world of Argentine tennis. Cordoba was one of the few players who still overflowing imagination and talent on the track above the usual strength. Huge class that earned him to win a Masters Cup and contest the final of Wimbledon.

But nevertheless, He failed to win a Grand Slam or Davis Cup. In + Sport, we wonder what is the legacy he leaves “king David”, what place in tennis history. For it, we see what we believe the 10 best Argentine tennis players ever.

The best Argentine tennis players in history

1- Guillermo Vilas

Four Grand Slam tournaments, player with more titles on land (46), and third player with more victories in the ATP (923). His only weakness was never to win the Davis Cup and not be number 1, although in 1977 He went on to win 16 of the 31 tournaments played. The best without discussion.

2- Juan Martin del Potro

It is difficult to be considered the second best Argentine history. But maybe, Delpo can afford it. Because besides winning the US Open 2009 to players as Roger Federer O Rafa Nadal It has in their windows one Olympic medal (bronze 2012 in London) and a multitude of individual titles. Certainly among the best players in the history of Argentina.

3- David Nalbandian

The classier player of his generation and possibly of the entire Argentine tennis. backhand, crossed, the left hand, volleying ability, ahead of the rest, a show on the court winning and swept his opponents when he was in form and those two famous Masters 1000 Autumn 2007 where he dispatched twice to Federer, Nadal O Djokovic. Champion of the Copa Masters of Shanghai 2005, He was a finalist at Wimbledon and semifinalist at the other three Grand Slams.

4- José Luis Clerc

The time might make forget that once José Luis Clerc it was a racket myth. did not win any Grand Slam but his achievements include 25 ATP titles and two Roland Garros semifinals plus a number 4 of the world. Extraordinary player who had to compete in the shadow of Vilas. One of the best Argentine tennis players in history.

5- Gaston Gaudio

As placing the Roland Garros winner 2004 on this list at the top. It is one of three Argentines who have raised a glass of Grand Slam recognition and inclusion in the Post Five. Until estilista, It became number 5 of the world thanks to his great one-handed backhand raging on clay.

6- Guillermo Coria

His serve and double faults he played tricks, as his head could not lift the Roland Garros despite having two match points in his favor. There was a time when he was the best player on clay and this led him to nine individual titles, including Montecarlo.

7- Guillermo Canas

This seasoned and fighter tennis player was able to beat the best Federer twice, both cement, demonstrating enormous power. It was a unique player who was able to perform better on fast track land despite the best of his game developed from the bottom track. Finalist in Miami 2007, He scratched seven titles ATP.

8- Martin Jaite

He lived at a time when the Argentine tennis was in a trance without a clear destination. But not for that, should not forget that we are talking about fourth player with the most titles in the history of Argentina with 12.

9- Mariano Puerta

finalist in 2005 in Roland Garros, his doping ban tarnished a career that could have been longer and more successful but still left seven ATP titles and a truly unique way of fighting and giving himself.

10- Juan Monaco

Top 10 in his day. A good player on clay who has in the Grand Slam his Achilles heel, but not least Worthy of mention is good track record.

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