The best players in the history of River Plate

Los mejores jugadores de la historia de River Plate

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define who they are the best players in the history of River Plate can be a tough job. And it is that River, is one of the most historic teams in the world. One of the most representative teams of Argentina and one of the giants of America. With a long history and hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide, The Argentine team is one of the classics without a doubt and one of the clubs with the most members on the planet.

With a rich history, stained by that descent of 2011 to B, the first and only of its history, the picture of the Monumental He came back big winning a lot of titles since then. We are going to try to remember some of the most representative footballers in its history.

The best players in the history of River Plate

Angel Amadeo Labruna

One of the greatest exponents of that legendary team named “Machine”. He was next to Juan Carlos Muñoz, Jose Manuel Moreno, Adolfo Pedernera and Felix Loustau one of the best forward in history when football was played well. It is the top scorer River and one of the top scorers in the history of Argentine soccer. A myth of millionaires.

Enzo Francescoli

Uruguay wondered rows River. El Príncipe, It was one of those players who made this sport is one of the most beautiful in the world and played in two different stages in River 80 y en los 90. With the t-shirt fringe Francescoli was even bigger, As one of the best players in football history, Zinedine Zidane, He called his son Enzo professed admiration for him.

Fernando Cavenaghi

A whole new idol in the Monumental. Until in 3 River played in stages included in the terrible step in the B 2011/12 which it was the reference striker River in the catacombs of Spanish football. In its third stage he went with pockets full and 4 international titles including the Libertadores Cup 2015. Jugó 211 games and scored 97 goals with the shirt of River Plate in three stages.

Ariel 'The Burrito’ Ortega

River's dribble, a different player on and off the field. Despite its external problems and addictions, Burrito marveled over the green Monumental with his understanding of the game. He played in three different stages in River where marked differences between such ordinary players and the other players who have something.

Ubaldo “The duck” Fillol

Undoubtedly one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Argentina, history of South America and certainly, the best in the history of River. Fillol played 10 years in River Plate where he defended the goal ten years and where did not go as he deserved. Aún así, is without a doubt one of The best footballers who have worn the strip shirt.

Daniel Pasarella

The leader. Uno de The best central defenders in the history of Argentina and one of the best players in the history of River Plate. It was all in the institution, but literally since it was player, coach and president. Precisely in this last stage He was the president of River's descent to B. One of the best without a doubt.

Marcelo Gallardo

to the doll’ he only needs to be president. He was a player of the inferiors and the first team of River Plate during 3 stages between 1993 y 2010. As a footballer, he won five national titles with the strip shirt, a Copa Libertadores and a Super Cup. En 2014 He returned as a coach and was in 2022 convirtiéndose en the coach with the most titles in the history of River Plate and as it is obvious, en the best coach ever.

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