Player characters have been, coach and president of the same club

Personajes que han sido jugador, entrenador y presidente de un mismo club
Don Santiago Bernabeu was Madrid president 35 years. PHOTO: As

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Who have been a player, coach and president of the same club? The following article is nothing more than a mere recognition of those who have given more than half life for the club who have most adored. It is human beings who have had or have a special love and romance beyond normal for a few colors. Characters who at first came as players and ended as chairman after passing the bench. They are few, Very few, only about six in all high-level world football.

Player characters have been, coach and president of the same club

1- Santiago Bernabeu

Perhaps the most notorious case with Franz Beckenbauer. The man who now gives its name to the white enclosure was player during 15 years, of 1912 a 1927. At the dawn of the beginning of competitions both national and international level selections, Bernabeu was ever international won the King's Cup 1917.

hard but effective striker went on to score 69 goals in 78 meetings before giving way to a short-lived stay as coach. Definitely, would be their 35 years as president, from 1943 al 78 what would be one of the most important men. Under its mandate, the club would win 6 European Cups, 16 Leagues and other 6 King's Cups among other titles. Strengthen the basketball section of the club and the best players ficharía, If Di Stéfano. If Madrid is what it is today, It is Bernabéu. Definitely.

2- Franz Beckenbauer

As a player virtually little you can say about him. 4 in the Bundesliga, 3 European Cups with Bayern, World Cup and recognition as one of the best, but the best, Central World. As a coach over the years 90, one Bundesliga and UEFA Cup. As president, eight years in which there was a new European Cup, that achieved against Valencia in Milan. A reference in Bayern and worldwide. The Kaiser it was very big.

3- Carlos Babington

A symbol of Hurricane. offensive playmaker quality as a player spent nine years divided into two stages where he managed over 120 goals in more than 300 meetings. As a coach, two titles of National B and a decrease. As the chief executive of the club, five years marked by a terrible economic situation that prevented him from signing players.

4- Daniel Passarella

The only Argentine double world champion, As a player he won four Metropolitans and a National River Plate during his eight years defending the shield. As a coach, the balance was two openings and a garter. As president, Daniel Passarella lived the worst moments of the club: Tucked in a huge economic crisis consummated for the first time in his life the descent of his beloved team to the second division Argentina.

Passarella fue entrenador, presidente y jugador de River.
Passarella was coach, president and player River. PHOTO: Clarion

5- Eduardo Pimentel

He “Bochica” is the founder of Boyacá Chicó, a Colombian club that has the honor of having emerged champion of the first three Colombian, the A, B and C. And despite having been an important part of Millonarios for a long time, Pimentel is the true architect of Boyacá. Player in his last days short, He was able to win the Primera B coach and be three seasons at the helm of the ship ajedrezada.

6- José NorbertoVolante

It started late 20 as Lanus player back in the fifth division of Argentine soccer. In 1951, it was his turn to coach. It was the prelude to his career as president eight years later in the garnet entity.

Volante fue la referencia de Lanús mucho tiempo.
Volante reference was long Lanús.

* Possibly in towns and lower-level teams there are many cases. But we talk about professional elite teams.

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  1. A correction. Eduardo Pimentel's team is called Boyacá Chicó FC, not 'Bochicá Chicó', since he plays in the city of Tunja, in the department (state) of Boyacá. Greetings.

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