Ten things that happened in the world of football in the 2000

Ten things that happened in the world of football in the 2000
Boca was one of the winners of the 2000. PHOTO: Brand

What things happened in the world of football in the 2000? This year, it was the last year of the twentieth century and the millennium. A change of number will no longer produce up within almost 1000 years when the 2000 is passed to 3000. It was also the beginning of the XXI century. A century that began with the computer threat that the world was going to end because of the dreaded effect 2000 then he fizzled. It was also the year when Microsoft launched its Windows 2000 y Sony la Play Station 2. It was also the year of the Sydney Olympics 2000. But what happened in the world of football in the 2000?. What you have.

Ten things that happened in the world of football in the 2000

1-Boca won in the year 2000

Argentine, directed by Bianchi and which highlighted Palermo and Riquelme, they won the Libertadores Cup final to Palmeiras and all Intercontinental Real Madrid, who was beginning to build his team of Galacticos. Definitely a triumphant year.

2-Real Madrid won the eighth

In a Spanish final in Paris, Real Madrid won 3-0 Valencia I was going to play and losing the first of two finals in a row in the top European competition. Real Madrid won his eighth European Cup and Champions called while Valencia began like that a couple of years later would be the best cycle in its history.

year 2000
Real Madrid became the eighth European Cup. PHOTO: AS

3-Deportivo La Coruna won for the first time in history the Spanish League

Deportivo de la Coruña was the League champion in the 2000. After a decade of 90, the last of the twentieth century, near success, He managed to beat the big boys to get his first and only League title led from the bench by Irureta and with a great Djalminha on the green. Un hito, one of them great crushes in the history of football.

4-Atletico Madrid fell to second with a team full of stars

The 2000 It was one of the worst years in the history of Atletico Madrid. With a team full of stars went to Second Division, He lost the final of the Copa del Rey after a blunder by Toni and judicial intervention turned upside down to the club. Top it off in the first game in Second, in September 2000, they took a win in the field of losing Levante 4 a 1. The day that Ettien welcomed them to hell.

football in 2000
Atletico against Real Oviedo descended in the 2000. PHOTO: Brand

5-France won the European Championship 2000 and he made double

France won the European Championship 2000 held between the Netherlands and Belgium. Before I had won the World 1998 thus achieving a double that years later would beat Spain by a triplet.

6-Florentino wins its first elections and tab Figo 10.000 million pesetas

Florentino lit summer 2000 at football. He won his first election as president of Real Madrid and the first thing he did was to sign Luis Figo which was nothing more and nothing less than eternal rival Star, FC Barcelona. He did for 10.000 million pesetas in a story that made rivers of ink. Portuguese incidentally was the Ballon d'Or that year and celebrated as a Real Madrid player. In October of that year he returned to the Nou Camp and came to throw a pig's head.

football in 2000
Figo moved from Barcelona to Real Madrid in the 2000. PHOTO: Brand

7-Cameroon took the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000

In an epic final in which Spain stayed with 8 on the field, Cameroon Olympic gold hung in the 2000. Cameroon played in that players like Eto'o, Kameni, Lauren, Webo and Geremi while in Spain were Xavi, Puyol, Luque, Albelda, Marchena, Aranzubia and Capdevila. The bronze was for Chile where he played Ivan Zamorano was the top scorer of the Olympic football tournament.

8-Espanyol he fulfilled 100 years and he won the Copa del Rey

The club “Perico” founded in 1900, It fulfilled a century of life with the arrival of 2000 and he celebrated in the best way possible, winning the Copa del Rey with a goal full of picaresque by Raúl Tamudo against an Atlético recently relegated to Second.

9-Galatasaray won the UEFA Cup,Lazio Serie A, Manchester Premier, Bayern's Bundesliga and Celta Intertoto

Galatasaray won the UEFA on penalties to Arsenal Arsene Wenger who ran and had one of the best teams in history. Lazio gave the stroke and took Serie A. United and Bayern reigned for a change in their countries while Celtic got the defunct Intertoto and got a place in the UEFA next.

10-the first World Club Championship was played in Brazil

In January the 2000 the first World Club Championship was played in Brazil a trial but with a very similar model that would be established after years. The Spanish participant was Real Madrid that year he played two World Cup tournaments clubs, This and the Intercontinental and lost both. Corinthians was the champion of this particular tournament.

football in 2000
Corinthians won that rare club of World 2000. PHOTO: Brand
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