Spain historical lineups

Spain historical lineups

Of course, There are many historical alignments selected as the Spanish has had throughout its history. Beginning with that was able to win Euro 1964 (The cover photo) until he managed to qualify for the semifinals of the World Cup in Brazil. Without being exhaustive and following this line of unforgettable onces, in Colgados by the Football we remember some of the best bands in the history of Spain.

Spain, World Cup 2010:

This was the first lineup against Switzerland and eleven guy who played in the World 2010. A full class with several jugones where Pedro and Fernando Torres team also had their place. One by one, They were almost all the best in his position, and when that happens, win a world championship is easier. Touch football and movement, permanent arrival of second line. The goal was a thing of David Villa, the top scorer in the history of the “Roja”.

Eleven type World 2010.

Spain-Denmark, 1920

Antwerp Games brought the 29 August was the rival classic, Denmark, contricante traditionally affordable for the Red. Patrick was the first Spanish scorer in official party, but had class players Pichichi and Zamora. Belauste put force. It was a time where strength prevailed over technical, where the strikers were majority against defenses. They were ultimately, other times.

The first game in the history of Spain.

Spain-England, 1996:

The Euro Cup 1996 It will be remembered as the peak stage of Javi Clemente in front of the selection. Basque coach was 31 undefeated matches, including this one quarterfinal against England in which only penalties could divert the “Roja” Sleep to reach semifinals. It was a special team, four core, without bands, almost no media except Love or Manjarín, but a rocky and very hard to win the physical computer where it was very important.

Clemente had before until four core against England

Spain-Denmark, 1986

Quétaro the famous night where Emilio Butragueno scored four goals. Denmark was again the victim. Zubizarreta was in goal but the team commanded Michel and Vulture and a fifth that gave many joys and Real Madrid. Julio Salinas and was part of a group that had not stumbled into quarters with penalties in between against Belgium, he had gone too far. In fact, say Maradona and his companions feared this combined balance.

La noche de los famosos cuatro goles del "Buitre".
The night of the famous four goals “Vulture”.

Spain-Switzerland, 1957

This game was qualifying for the World Cup 1958 which finally she came not partly because he could not beat Switzerland after drawing 2 in Madrid. The fact that we include it because it is still inexplicable that a team with Ramallets, Luis Suarez, Gent, Kubala and Di Stefano could not win a seemingly simple combination as the Swiss. He did lead, much, talent in the middle and defensive strength.

It's amazing that a selection of this power is not qualified for the World.
It's amazing that a selection of this power is not qualified for the World.

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