Do you know Carlos Sánchez?

¿Conoces a Carlos Sánchez?

Last update 5 April, 2024 by Alberto Llopis

Carlos Sánchez is the rock. The Colombian player signed by Elche this season stands out for being a guy with enormous physical strength. Colombian international, is indisputable in the coffee midfielder since the arrival of Pekerman, with which if nothing strange happens, will be World Cup next summer. ¿Le conoces?, we present it.

Carlos Alberto Sánchez as it is called, was born in Colombia on 9 March 1986 and curiously he never played in Colombia at a professional level. He began his career in the ranks of the Uruguayan Danube to move to River Plate, but not the Argentine but the one from Uruguay.

His good work in Uruguayan football led him to sign for Valenciennes de la Ligue 1 french. He is a strong midfielder, blunt, with a lot of work capacity, an acceptable technique, good arrival and a strong shot. All these qualities have earned it the nickname of “The rock”.

With his arrival in the League, Elche ensures a motor in the center of the field, a player of many carats. He has signed for three seasons with the Elche team but it will be necessary to follow his evolution during the season and especially in the next World Cup, where Colombia will return after 16 years away from them and 20 years after the USA 94, where Colombia was a favorite and in the end disappointed. In any case, in Colgados we will look at its evolution.

Carlos "La Roca" Sánchez    presionando a Di María en un Colombia-Argentina.
Carlos “The rock” Sánchez presionando a Di María en un Colombia-Argentina.

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