Carlos Valderrama, the best player in the history of Colombia

Carlos Valderrama, the best player in the history of Colombia
Valderrama, the magic of Colombian soccer 90. PHOTO: Google

Carlos Valderrama is arguably the best player in the history of Colombia and one of the best in South America. With his blond hair afro lurid and distinctive mustache, the kid’ as he was known in his native country, It was the benchmark for one of the best generations that has given football in the coffee country.

Carlos Valderrama, the kid’ of the golden curls

Born a 2 September 1961, highlighted in the national team more than in his playing career club where did not play in any big world. He developed most of his career in the Colombian football and had an experience of three years in the French Montpellier. He also had a brief spell in Spanish football where he met with other banners of Colombian football as Leonel Alvarez, Higuita or Maturana, ‘The Colombians of Real Valladolid‘. The truth is that it passes through the League with the rest of the Colombian clan was quite dilapidated.

Carlos Valderrama
Unfortunately this is the most Valderrama was in the Spanish League. PHOTO: As

He finished his career in the US leaving the feeling that his club playing career did not live up to what it meant to Colombia and the global impact that reached. Pelé without going further, included him in his list of los 100 best players ever and was also included by FIFA as one of the best in the history of South America.

Valderrama, one of the best Colombian footballers in history

His career in the Colombian national team was faultless. He played three World (1990, 1994 Y 1998) and five America Cups (1987, 1989, 1991, 1993 y 1995). He was the leader of one of the best generations ever since Colombian football. With players like Asprilla, Valencia, Higuita, Leonel Alvarez, Corner or the ill-fated Escobar, It was one of the sensations of Italy World Cup 1990 and became one of the favorites of the World Cup USA in 1994.

Carlos Valderrama
Valderrama led the Colombian national team since the late 80. PHOTO: As

Undoubtedly thanks to the defeat that the Argentines endorsed in Buenos Aires at the end of 1993 the day when Colombia humbled Argentines at home. The result was Argentina 0 Colombia 5 and the Colombian team reached the finals with the favorite tag. Finally they failed to meet expectations.

Even so, he “Kid”, He got to play with almost 37 years his last World Cup in France 1998 where Colombians repeated misclassification who had won four years earlier and did not go beyond the first round. Finally he retired in 2001 with forty years being the player who had played the most games with the Colombian jersey.

High quality player, character and leadership, Carlos Valderrama He went down in the history of football although perhaps he did not reach the level that of a player like him expected but his way of playing and his afro hair in the wind will be remembered forever. He “Kid” Valderrama, a benchmark for many young Colombians.

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