It was football better before now?

¿Era mejor el fútbol antes que ahora?
When was football better? Before or now?

Last update 10 April, 2019 por Alberto Llopis

When football was better then or now? This is the eternal question that surely are doing a lot of football fans for generations. As everything, That is the spice of life, there are always people on both sides. Who better playing the generation of Di Stefano and Puskas?, Does the Pele, Cruyff o Beckenbauer?, Does Maradona, Zico and Platini or Messi, Christian and company? The debate is served.

Each of the great geniuses of football, ahead of his time

Given that times change and therefore, things tend to evolve, compare football now before the sick is a complicated task. The reality is that the big players were few advanced of its time. Por ejemplo, physically, things have changed a lot. Players of yesteryear, those of many decades, They lacked fitness.

At the time of the di Stéfano, Giving birth, Gent and else, It was easy to see past footballers weight, some with the belly of happiness. El mismo Pancho Puskas body looked quite different to those seen in elite soccer player today.

¿cuándo era mejor el fútbol?
En los 60 players were not physically strong as you can see. FOTO: Real Madrid

Sin embargo, the concept of playing football was also quite different. Despite the difference in muscle and physical section, the players of the first five decades of the twenty-first century and a half played with leather balls really, of which weighed wet outrageous.

They wore boots instead of boots, with nails that did not seem very comfortable, Not light clothes, especially with a little sweat on them and on playing fields where nowadays not even cows would eat. And even so, always they are trying to link moves and play a football association but did almost walk.

En los 70-80 They begin to see changes

Los 70 y los 80, although somewhat rustic yet, included developments regarding physical preparation, boots, balls and other sports equipment. Los jugadores, They were stronger physically but the pace of games was still too slow compared to the current. Sin embargo, los Beckenbauer, Cruyff , Zico, Sócrates, Maradona and company exuded a class that very few players have today. Although the ordinary football players, They could be your neighbor fifth

 cuándo era mejor el fútbol
En los 80 already he is going strong ball, but tell that to Maradona. FOTO: Brand

Los 90, time to make the leap into the world of football

The arrival of the 90 It included as is logical, further improvements to technical and tactical level and the tempo rose several points. The movements of the players were beginning to be quick, and strong pressure on the much larger rival. It was the time of the Roberto Baggio, Laudrup, Romario, Ronaldo explosion best, Rivaldo and many others quality players who pooled, physical level and pace of superior game previous decades.

The 21st century, the arrival of the media player, metrosexual and icono

With the advent of the XXI century came the total change. The incredible technical means few years ago as football boots weigh virtually no, balls almost intelligence and the huge variety of integrated training and advancement of methodologies have led to improvements in the game as you look.

Los jugadores, They became progressively larger athletes. Powerful, muscular, some looking like a fitness model especially today where the players are infinitely higher and more muscular than ago 50-60 and even years ago 20.

Esto, He brought an increase in the tempo, la velocidad, physical waste and the exaggerated number of games. But improving physically, It has also caused a fall in the technical level of the game. Now runs more, It pressed and is stronger and more resilient but there are more players with less technical level.

For romantics will always be the doubt that happen if they played in the same game the best Di Stefano, Giving birth, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Skin, Ronaldo, Francescoli and other myths against Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Mbappé, Neymar, Suárez, Modric and company. The answer will be in the imagination of each or in games where you can simulate. Then we will always doubt when it was best football, then or now.

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