T-Shirts selections in Russia 2018 (part I)

World will return in Russia 2018 and a few months of reliving the world's largest fair in the world of football, Some teams have presented their jerseys for the long-awaited appointment. Nostalgia seems to have taken hold of the teams that have presented so far sweatshirts and remind other appointments. Of Spain without going any further it is based on that of USA 94 and he has raised some controversy by colors reminiscent of the flag of the Republic of the early twentieth century. These are the first shirts that look selections in Russia 2018.


Spain T-shirt USA 94 and Russia 2018. sidewalks. Photo: Goal.com


T-Shirt Colombia in Italy 90 and Russia 2018 They are given an air. Photo: Goal.com


Russia and Adidas presented a design very of 80 for the world in which they will host. Photo: The nation


Belgium T-shirt for the World Cup Russia 2018 They will be stuck to that used in Euro 1984. Photo: Goal.com


This is the precious shirt that Germany will look at the World Russian 2018. Photo: The nation.


Japan T-Shirt for Russia 2018. Photo: The nation


Adidas T shirt created for Mexico to Russia 2018. Photo: Sportyou


Messi and company will wear an elastic much like that of Italy 90. Photo: The nation

Until the second part arrives, You can see the evolution of the shirts during the World Cup history.

Alberto Llopis

Alberto Llopis

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