Mythical ten scorers of 90 Second Division in Part II

Diez goleadores míticos de los 90 en Segunda División parte II

Last update 15 November, 2018 by Alberto Llopis

Following the success of Article "Ten mythical scorers of 90 Second Division ", comes this second and final installment dedicated to goalscorers in the 90 in second division.

Pepe Mel

Currently professional trainer, Madrid early nineties noted for his keen eye for goal. We remind as a striker who today we would say pasadito weight but was a genius on the pitch. Noble, quarrelsome and scorer, was top scorer with Real Betis in 89-90 2nd with the not inconsiderable figure of 22 many. Last season in the C.D.Castellón made a goal less, that is to say 21 goals. A total of 9 second division seasons (78 goals to his name), as many first (14 goals) and second B (65 goals). A front of the mud.

Pepe Mel en su época de jugador del Betis.
Pepe Mel in his playing days Betis.



Danish nationalized Spanish, It was a classic striker F.C. Barcelona B in the early nineties in 2nd. With only 18 he made his debut in the second division of Spanish football 91-92 with Barcelona B where he played a total of 21 games and made only 4 goals in the season. He jumped mature sport the following season 92-93 in which he 14 many which helped him to make the leap to the first team of Barcelona. He rose to fame after making his debut with Spain without having played in 1st and disappear calls for selection in a very similar case of Munir we tell you in this article.


The Serbian striker has under his belt with a total of 6 2nd seasons. He played in various clubs; Merida, Mallorca, Celtic and Villarreal. He made a total of 52 divided into those goals 6 seasons. His best goalscoring figure was in 93-94 in R. Mallorca in which marked 23 goals. He also played in the First Division where he scored 15 goals in two seasons at Mallorca and Celta de Vigo.

Pooch II

The Yecla was a prophet out of their land. Elche, Palamos, Villarreal, Toledo, Jaén were their teams in 2nd. In the 94-95 It was top scorer of the 2nd with Palamos, juice 22 parties and made 21 goals. Only he enjoyed a season in the Elche 1st C.F. in the 88-89 the rest of his career is summarized in 7 seasons in 2nd and 5 a 2B. A classic noventero the fields of Second.


Montenegrin, It was the new signing of the U.D. Extremadura who debuted for the first time in its history in First Division in the league of galactic, the 96-97,  where did 2 goals in the 18 partidos que disputó. The next season already in 2nd with U.D. Estremadura, It was top scorer in the category 24 goals which earned him his move to Sevilla C.F. where he was substitute goalkeeper eternal Monchi (then remarkably successful sporting director).

Gluscevic en el cromo típico de la época. Uno de los goleadores míticos de Segunda en los 90.
Gluscevic in the typical chrome era. One of the legendary goalscorers in Second 90.


Seville coach now including the Hercules Alicante, He went through the three categories of Spanish football which scored a number of goals round: 100 goals. Formed in the quarry of Seville, soon he aroused the interest of Atletico Madrid Jesus Gil. In the subsidiary made colchonero 14 goals in his debut season as Atletico. The following season scoring almost repeated figures 13 goals. this time in the 98-99. This, She helped him to enjoy the Primera Division (at different stages played 7 seasons in first). Step by countless teams in different categories; Sevilla, Atletico de Madrid, The Palms, Ejido, Algeciras, Numancia, Orihuela etc…


Born in the Catalan Granollers became flagship of Real Jaen nineties. He has received two promotions to 2nd but also two descents 2B with Real Jaen.  His best record was 97-98, in 2ª, con 14 goals which unfortunately did not serve to keep the category. In his records scorers note that it was always a leading scorer, although he spent much of his career in 2B with Jaén, but a classic striker like Rueda deserved to enter the Olympus of the scorers as anyone following the categories in the time, She wanted on your computer.

From Diego

Mythical front C.D.Toledo in Second Division. He born in Burgos and trained in the quarry of Athletic Bilbao, He was one of the classic front in 2nd in the decade of the 90 (Bilbao Atletic, Atlético Madrid, Racing, Hercules and Toledo). His best season was in Second 94-95 in which he managed to score 16 goals defending the jersey of C.D. Toledo. It was one of the heroes of the rise of Racing Santander 2nd in the 90-91 in which marked 19 goals. He played very little in First Division, just six appearances for Athletic Bilbao (84-85 y 86-87) but has for history in his record.


The ilicitano striker played five seasons in 2nd. He came to debut in first with Albacete 91-92, that legendary team of Benito Floro. A modest globetrotter football; Orihuela, Albacete, Cartagena, Lleida, Toledo, Hercules, Murcia and Novelda. I note 56 goals. His best goalscoring record 11 goals with U.D. 2nd in Lleida 92-93, the following season in the C.D.Toledo made 10 goals 93-94 to jump Hercules C.F. The most important goal of his career he did in the old nursery Badajoz defending the jersey of Hercules C.F. in the 94-95 in 2ª. A goal that gave rise to the first Hercules C.F. after ten years away from the top flight of Spanish football and the Alicante team gave the privilege to participate in the first, only true League of stars.

Sigüenza celebrando un gol con el Hércules en la 1996/97.
Siguenza celebrating a goal with Hercules in 1996/97.


Rafa drank

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