Los 10 European top scorers with his club

Los 10 European top scorers with his club
Torpedo Muller, the top scorer in the history of Bayern Municha.

For a striker there is nothing more precious and beautiful than a goal. Y, if on top, that goal is the shirt of a team that you value, You have appreciation and loyalty, the sensations are multiplied more than. In football they have always been multiple cases of players who have made great records scorers defending the same shield. Next, the ranking of the top European scorers shown with his club:

1. Gerard Müller: 525 goals for Bayern Munich
2. Eusebio: 473 goals for Benfica
3. Leo Messi: 469 goals for FC Barcelona
4. Jose Aguas: 379 goals for Benfica
5. Cristiano Ronaldo: 372 goals for Real Madrid
6. Baby: 359 goals for Benfica
7. Ian Rush: 359 goals for Leverpool
8. Raúl: 323 goals for Real Madrid
9. di Stéfano: 307 goals for Real Madrid
10. Santillana: 290 goals for Real Madrid

Being still active, Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi can still increase their scorers data.

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