Mythical ten scorers of 90 Second Division

Mythical ten scorers of 90 Second Division
Vlado Gudelj was one of those legendary scorers of the years 90 . PHOTO: Vigo Lighthouse

What legendary scorers of the 90 remember? In football absent these predators area, those whose only reference front presence in the green was synonymous with a goal and despite being able to have a retirement age (always talking about footballers), still scoring goals. Let's analyze the scorers of the year 90 Second Division. Because not everything is nor was nor will always be the greats and their little stars.

Mythical scorers of the 90 Second Division

Jose Luis Zalazar placeholder image (Albacete)

Uruguayan midfielder noted for his kicking ball, Manchego landed on the team after his ephemeral passage by Cadiz (1ª) and Spanish (2ª). Did 15 Goals for 90-91 Second Division and with the rise of Albacete became a classic of that "Mechanic Cheese" I link ninety five consecutive seasons in First Division. In his six seasons in Albacete he made the not inconsiderable figure of 49 goals. Some very spectacular. One of the architects of the ‘Mechanical cheese‘.

Zalazar was one of the stars of & quot; Mechanical & quot cheese;.
Zalazar was one of the stars of “Mechanical cheese”. PHOTO: Brand

Vladimir Gudelj (Celta Vigo)

"Pichichi" award in the Second Division 91-92 with Celta Vigo, He made a whopping 27 goals in a season where the Galicians Second Division champions end up with Bosnian player unleashed front of goal. Of his eight seasons at Celta de Vigo (First seven in a row), the gunner made 85 goals with celtiñas. Force, intelligence and precision in the beating, They made him a fearsome striker for any front, as viguesa where his blond hair stood out in soccer 90.

Daniel Toribio Aquino (Vallecano Ray)

Nicknamed "The Bull Aquino”, Argentine striker did justice to his nickname and lunged like few rivals central. He racked up two awards "Pichichi" in Second Division consecutively with U.D. Merida (92-93) 19 Real Betis goals and (93-94) 26 goals. A globetrotter of Spanish league playing in different teams and in the three main categories of Spanish football. His best goalscoring figure in the First Division was with Rayo Vallecano with which he made 14 Goals for 95-96. He also played in the 1st Albacete and Murcia in two different stages. His children have followed his extirpation and he has two who are professional footballers..

El Toro Aquino during his time in Murcia.
El Toro Aquino during his time in Murcia. PHOTO: Brand

Manel (C.D.Logroñes)

Forward of the late C.D. Logroñes and top scorer of the Second Division in 95-96 with 27 goals. Five consecutive seasons in "Las Gaunas”That they gave for many afternoons of goals. Also he went through other clubs highlighting their way through the Spanish First Division but certainly where he was in the race Rioja 77 goals.

Pauleta (U.D.Salamanca) and "Yordi" (Atletico de Madrid B)

Portuguese striker who shared top scorer with Yordi (Atletico Madrid B, Zaragoza and Xerez among others) in the 96-97 where both they scored 19 many. It was one of the key men in the rise of U.D. Salamanca to First Division and once in the top flight, the permanence of salmantinos with 15 many. Later he played for Deportivo Coruna in which lifted the league title and Super Cup of Spain.

"Turu Flores" (U.D. Las Palmas)

The Buenos Aires reached the U.D.Las Palmas to become one of the idols of the island despite its two short seasons in the Canary set. Their 14 Goals for 96-97 and the 21 Goals for 97-98 they served to make the jump to First Division and join Deportivo La Coruna won the league and the Super Cup Spain. He noted for its definition, uncheck and ball control.

mythical scorers of the 90
Turu Flores, in an image of 0-2 it's from the season 96-97 then against Real Madrid B. Photo:

"Chestnut" (Málaga C.F.)

The Brazilian striker nationalized Spanish became International for Spain. In the 98-99 after winning 14 Leganés goals with C.F. Second Division signature Malaga C.F where it ends to exploit clinching the top scorer with 26 goals. The next season already in First Division, He made a whopping 24 goals. He also played in Primera with Celta Vigo but certainly his best years as a scorer were set in Boqueron.

Paco Salillas (Levante UD)

Incombustible Paco Salillas, of those players who have the goal in the blood and that even if they were not at the minimum you executed. Made goals in the three main categories of our football. When it seemed that Paco retired football after passing through the Villarreal C.F (already Roig), in which he achieved promotion to the First Division ended up with 32 years he ended up in the Levante in what seemed a song of withdrawal. Levante climb to 2nd 2b over 15 his goals despite arriving in the winter and also, and ends in the second division top scorer with granota shirt with 20 many in the 99-00, the following season in Segunda did 17 goals.

With 35 2B years in C.D. Castellón continued to pester opposing defenses and scoring goals as ...(twenty goals with those of Castalia). Paco pachangas probably still playing with friends and I guarantee that will continue scoring goals. He was a small forward but a mouse area, if you gave an inch and you made it like a ball he was the foot in the area you were lost. Quite a modest killer football.

Paco Salillas Levante mythical scorers of the 90
Paco Salillas celebrating a goal with Levante. PHOTO: As

“Serrano” (C.D. Alaves)

Catalan striker who played for many teams but where managed to catch on among fans was certainly in Vitoria Alaves defending the jersey for four seasons (one in 2b and the rest in 2nd). In Second and Alaves made 16 Goals for 95-96, 10 Goals for 96-97 Y 19 in the 97-98 which he earned him to go to the Spanish First Division for three seasons.

Eduardo Rodriguez (Hércules C.F.).

Top scorer in the history of Hercules Alicante over seventy goals, the Sanlucar de Barrameda (Cádiz) It was the classic front with definition, fast and I would not think twice. He played in all three main categories of our football highlighting the season 92-93 in which he 32 goals in regular season and playoff many in ascent. Second Division made 14 Goals for 95-96 where he won promotion to the Primera Hercules. He also played first with Rayo Vallecano and Hercules himself highlighted his goal to F.C. Barcelona in 96-97 to break the waist Blanc, who later became a champion of the world with France, in that victory 2-3 for the people of Alicante at the Camp Nou. One of the best players in the history of Hercules.

mythical scorers of the 90
Rodriguez played for Hercules from 2ªB to 1st. PHOTO: Brand

Other legendary scorers of the 90 in second

Did you like our first review? Well continue with the second part of mythical scorers of the years 90 in second.

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