Forwards nationalized in the history of the Spanish selection

Forwards nationalized in the history of the Spanish selection

If Diego Costa was called by De Forest for “The Red”, not be the first striker born in the country of Spain donning elastic. There have been other Brazilian players who have played with the "Red" as Donato, although the case is Marcos Senna latest, He nationalized the only player who has lifted a title with Spain. Not all records are so good. To do an exercise of memory to recall a front, but they not so long ago played Catanha, Pizzi and Alvaro Cervera.


Catanha is the case most resembles that of Diego Costa, both share nationality Spanish-Brazilian. It was a very important player in the league, a born striker who is still kicking the ball modest Sport Clube Santo Antônio Brazil. We went in Malaga where we discover the real "Killer" which was Catanha, con 49 goals in 73 parties. The player Celta and Málaga, among others, he wore the "Red" in 3 occasions, but he not managed to score a single goal.

Juan Antonio Pizzi

Juan Antonio Pizzi has been one of the front nationalized recent history of the Spanish team. The current coach of San Lorenzo de Almagro participated with Spain in 22 occasions, marking a total of 8 goals. Former Tenerife player, Valencia, FC Barcelona and Villarreal was one of the best strikers in the late 90's. He has to his credit with 508 official matches, with a whopping 221 goals.

Juan Antonio Pizzi played for the Spanish national team for several years.
Juan Antonio Pizzi played for the Spanish national team for several years.

Alvaro Cervera

Alvaro Cervera played in Racing, Valencia and Mallorca. This player born in Equatorial Guinea disputed 4 games selection. He debuted in the already demolished Carlos Tartiere of Oviedo in a match in which Spain won by 2-1 to Uruguay. He is currently the coach of the Tenerife which has climbed to 2nd division last season.

Pier Luigi Cherubino, Thomas Christiansen and Lopez Ufarte

By last, Pier Luigi Cherubino, Player Sporting Gijon and Betis he played 1 single party, Christiansen of which I already speak stuck with 2 shares and the mythical López Ufarte, Txuri-urdin player, of Moroccan origin, juice 15 matches and managed to score 5 goals, also he participated the World 82'.

What players nationalized comes from afar

There are other less recent cases, though no doubt, the best known is Alfredo Di Stefano, who played 31 games scoring 23 goals. "La Saeta Rubia" has been one of the best players in the history of football. Puskas juice 4 games and saw no goal, Hungarian-born player was a star of Real Madrid. Another more successful step was Ladislao Kubala con 19 shares and a record of 11 goals.

By Stefano y Kubala, two of the best players ever played with Spain.
By Stefano y Kubala, two of the best players ever played with Spain.

Nationalization of players is very common in countries like France, Belgium, Netherlands Inglaterra, least in Spain, although currently involved with Spain nationalized talents in different sports. Sounded is the basketball player NBA, Serge Ibaka or new signing summery Bayern Guardiola, Thiago Alcantara.

Ratio of 39 players not born in Spain who wore the “Roja”:

Country of birth Soccer player Matches Goals
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina (13) Alfredo Di Stefano 31 23
Juan Antonio Pizzi 22 8
José Eulogio Garate 18 5
Ruben Cano 12 4
Mariano Pernia 11 1
Oscar Valdez 9 5
Manuel Anzá Errazquin 6 ?
Hector Rial 5 1
Juan Roberto Martinez 5 2
Juan Carlos Heredia 3
Eduardo Arbide 1
Emilio Sagi Barba 1
Juan Carlos Tourino 1
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil (4) Marcos Senna 28 1
Donato Gama da Silva 12 3
Catanha 3
Heraldo Bezerra 1
Flag of Morocco.svg Morocco (3)
Roberto Lopez Ufarte 15 5
José Luis López Peinado 4
Jose Antonio Ramos 4 ?
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay (3) Eulogio Martínez 8 6
Heriberto Herrera 1
Vicente Jara 1 ?
Flag of Cuba Cuba (2) Chus Alonso 3
Francisco Martín Arencibia 1
Flag of the Philippines Philippines (2)
Paulino Alcantara 5 6
Marcellin Galatas 1
Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary (2) Ladislao Kubala 19 11
Ferenc Puskás 4
Flag of Italy.svg Italia (2) Thiago Alcantara 4
Pier Luigi Cherubino 1
Flag of Uruguay.svg Uruguay (1) Jose Santamaria 16
Flag of Germany.svg Germany (1) Curro Torres 5
Flag of Switzerland.svg Swiss (1) Luis Cembranos 1
Flag of Denmark Denmark (1) Thomas Christiansen 2 1
Flag of Equatorial Guinea.svg Equatorial Guinea (1)
Alvaro Cervera 4
Flag of Mauritania.svg Mauritania (1)
Gerardo Miranda 9
Flag of France.svg France (1) Armando Alvarez 2
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg UK (1) Ramon Zabalo

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  1. I find it totally absurd the fuss that has been created around Diego Costa when they can already see how there 39 players who have worn the Spanish shirt without being born in Spain, It is true that the nationalized are 9 and with him 10, but if not hooked up with Alfredo Di Stefano (For example) Why now this man?, I wonder what interest the media in trying to unbalance this player?, Could it be that what is being a dominating player and leading Atletico Madrid over the mighty Real Madrid and is in its waste of money is being ridicule (At the moment) to a budget 80 million euros per 500 and many of them want or try and destabilize the player and cn it to the Atleti. I do not understand this fuss about this player.

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