The generation of players born in 90: very classy players

The generation of players born in 90: very classy players

In Colgados for football we have spoken on many occasions of the great promises of world football (Click here to know them) who come not only in Europe, but in America and the rest of the world. Following the same line of argument, we draw a new frontier: which separates the players born in the decade of the 90. The new generation of players called to conquer the playing fields in the coming years.

Footballers at the highest level, many of which already stand out big teams, and others in sets of so-called big but not aspire in the near future to reach one of the world's great ocean liners. Then, a list of some of them:

1. Neymar (Barcelona, 1991): the great crack of this generation. Its main representative. The footballer called to be in the future the best player in the world. A genius who now occupies the left wing but logic indicates him as an attacking midfielder or false nine rather than later. Quick, with a prodigious dribbling skills and a huge physique to endure all kinds of tickets even though your body can be misleading. It also has a goal and knows finish with both legs. And if that was not enough, He is charismatic.

2. David Alaba (Bayern Munich, 1992): a good footballer, lateral international left with Austria and huge presence in attack because of its imposing body 1.80 meters. With 21 years, Bayern Munich has a player who can make a time if you solve their defensive shortcomings.

Alaba is the great left side of the future.
Alaba is the great left side of the future.

3. Isco Alarcón (Real Madrid, 1992): with 21 years and new signing from Real Madrid is the player called to pull the strings of Real Madrid midfield. phenomenal dribbler, excellent passer and with great arrival, He is a genius with the ball at his feet. You must learn to balance your defensive side, but I doubt that is one of the rising stars that will be in the next World Cup in Brazil 2014.

4. Thiago Alcantara (Bayern Munich, 1991): this Spanish-Brazilian born in Bari and son of Mazinho has plenty of football on all sides. A rough diamond that has had to go from Barcelona in search of minutes. He has ball skills and a vision of outstanding game. Called to drive the helm of the Red when it is no longer Xavi.

5. Marquinhos (PSG, 1994): This Brazilian center has washed up on PSG 32 millions of euros. that amount is not paid if one is not very good and it's Marquinhos. Versatile, fast and able to get the ball with finesse and good touch, Marquinhos should arrive soon to the ownership of Brazil, where you can share partner with Thiago Silva, his partner also in the PSG and its mirror where to look.

Marquinhos signed this summer by PSG payment of 32 millions of euros.
Marquinhos signed this summer by PSG payment of 32 millions of euros.

6. Mario Balotelli (AC Milán, 1990): let's say of this genius that has not been said already. Quick, very strong and good shot with both legs, its weakness is head and a temperament that makes him capable of the best and worst. If he can straighten, Italy and Milan have 9 for time.

7. Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea – Atletico Madrid on loan, 1992): goalkeeper of the future. Fast with large reflections, safe, unspectacular but effective, Courtois looks like a veteran at 21 years. It is Chelsea, Barcelona wants and plays at Atletico. International by Belgium, what is clear is that with De Egea (1990) It is the best goalkeeper in the generation of the 90.

8. David De Egea (Manchester United, 1990): features similar to those Courtois. But high insurance low as in the air balls, Madrid goalkeeper has earned the title of United through hard work and good work. It is intended to be the next Casillas selection. Just weaknesses.

9. Raphael Varane, (Real Madrid, 1993): a 30 of January of 2013 It was unveiled to the world by stopping Messi dramatically. Quick, cut insurance, good ball, There is no doubt that if injuries respect you for a long time no central Madrid and Les Bleus.

10. Mattia Destro (Roma, 1991): after a short time in Genoa and Siena seems that AS Roma has found its place. We are talking about a killer who also can play it and has already been international with Italy and has even scored a goal. European runner-up sub 21 In Israel, Destro Roma has a value in upward.

Destro has 22 years and plays in Rome.
Destro has 22 years and plays in Rome.

11. Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona – loaned to Everton, 19 years): after triumphing in the ranks of Barcelona B, It has gone to Everton to gain experience in senior football as is the Premier. Great diblador and with great eye for goal, speed is also strong. Very complete, soon return to Barcelona, and this time to succeed.

12. Julian Draxler (Schalke, 1993): the youngest player to debut in the Bundesliga with Schalke 04 and you can score crucial goals in big games as the final of the German Cup. Midfielder arrival SUV with great quality and equipped with physical power, Draxler wants to play the next World Cup 2014 Germany, which they are too big.

13. Alan Dzagoev (CSKA Moscow, 1993): in 2008 He rang hard for Real Madrid. Very offensive-minded midfielder, their arrival is great fear that makes opposing defenses. International Russia, where he excelled in Euro 2012, It is the cornerstone of the current CSKA Moscow.

14. Stephan El Shaaraway (AC Milan, 1992): Egyptian father but he born in Savona, This player is gradually becoming a major reference AC Milan. Does not excel at anything in particular, but it is quite complete. Mobility, cunning, ability to haggle and goal. While in 46 Table games with the Rossoneri in the past year, He was able to score 19 many.

15. Christian Eriksen (Tottenham, 1991): It has been one of the last players to change air leaving Ajax and saturating at Tottenham. Called the new Laudrup, and you can imagine what kind of player we're talking. combinativo, touch and some magic. Linchpin in the last three Eredivisie achieved by Ajax.

Tottenham signed the new Laudrup: Christian Eriksen.
Tottenham signed the new Laudrup: Christian Eriksen.

16. Jesus Crown (Twente, 1993): one end of the future with a blistering pace. He is raffled off half of Europe but eventually finished in Twente, where perhaps the fastest Dutch football convenient for you to adapt to Europe. Good dribbler and rival encarador, If you follow your progression will end in a large.
17. Mario Götze (Bayern Munich, 1992): You have all the qualities you can have a good playmaker. It's fast, He brings the ball glued to his feet, has good final pass and of course, auction. His problem is to digest what is playing in a club like Bayern, where having minutes will be very expensive with Kroos, Müller or Alcantara.

18. Ilkay Gundogan (Borussia Dortmund, 1990): good midfielder who can lead the pace of games at will. Excellent short-pass, It has more problems in the long shipping. However, their ability to sacrifice and plugging holes, make it imperative Borussia.

19. Alen Halilovic (Tottenham, 1996): Londoners have done with their services this summer coming from Dinamo Zagreb where he called it the “new Modric”. And that's Halilovic. Touch, ability, good ball arrival. Good playmaker with a great future.

Halilovic has signed for Tottenham.
Halilovic has signed for Tottenham.

20. Eden Hazard (Chelsea, 1991): the great Belgian Pearl, the new Zidane, as he was called in Lille. Softly but with personality, It is called to start a new era in London with the blues. He ran the patadón. Hazard is something else. Elegance, fineness, assistance and definition. A luxury footballer.

21. Lewis Holtby (Tottenham, 1990): English descent has spent his entire career in Germany until finally this summer he signed for Tottenham. Central sober and safe, no friend of concessions.

22. Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan, 1993): international sub 20 Argentinian, a COTIF was unveiled to the world and since then Sampdoria enjoyed his enormous talent. Inter, now you have a good litmus test.

23. Lorenzo Insigne (Naples, 1991): It has already been international with Italy in a couple of occasions. The problem is that being in the center forward Naples is not easy with Higuaín and before Cavani. However, It is advisable not to lose sight of it has goal.

24. aleksandr Kokorin (Dinamo Moscow, 1991): Anzhi signed him this summer and a month later returned to Dinamo rethink the Russian club after his transfer policy. Power Forward, is another young new batch of Russian players is going strong.

25. Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich, 1990): called to be one of the greats of world football. Midfielder with great ease for door handle and excellent faults. A major player also knows the game to carry the weight of a big team like Bayern. Call it the “Sniper”. Is it something.

26. Erik Lamela (Tottenham, 1992): lefty playmaker quality. With 12 years, Barcelona and it wanted to remove River Plate. It has been one of the biggest signings of Tottenham to forget Gareth Bale with a cost of 30 millions of euros. good arrival, excellent ball control, He is a virtuoso of the ball in the making.

27. Nicola Leali (Juventus – on loan to Spezia, 1993): the future Buffon. porter 1.88 which is well above. Still somewhat irregular, The problem is that while you will have a hard Buffon. Because, it suits you gain experience in Serie B.

Benteke is the hero of Aston Villa. Congolese, plays with Belgium.
Benteke is the hero of Aston Villa. Congolese, plays with Belgium.

28. Christian Benteke (Aston Villa, 1990): the new Drogba. With this it is all said. Force, speed, quality and a long goal, enough to start the Premier is one of the top scorers in the Premier Aston Villa, which already he won last year in a second round of fable. Congolese, but Belgian international, We are talking about a global starlet.

29. Mangala Eliquim (Porto, 1991): center of Congolese origin but French passport huge stride and strength. Quality is not your thing, but it was not yet looks bad future in football.

30. Inigo Martinez (Real society, 1991): It is destined to become one of the largest plants in Spain, selection that has already been summoned. Good ball, defensive discipline, good brand and a special gift: score goals from midfield, where he has already gotten two.

Other players born in 90:
31. Lucas Moura (PSG): a big lie player. Much ado About Nothing.
32. Yann M’Vila (Rubin Kazan)
33. Matija Nastasic (Manchester City)
34. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal)
35. Lucas Piazon (Chelsea)
36. Paul Pogba (Juventus, 1993): jugadorazo. A Patrick Vieira is already dominating the midfield Juve. It will be a large selection of French.
37. James Rodriguez (Monaco)
38. Jese Rodriguez (Real Madrid, 1993): his career will be marked by the minutes to play. If you normally does, it is logical to stagnate and end on a second row. If you play, It aims high as it combines art with goal. A cocktail of the most explosive.
39. Jack Rodwell (Manchester City)
40. Alberto Moreno (Sevilla)
41. Andre Schürrle (Chelsea, 1990): good physique and a lot of fight, but somewhat lacking football. It has a goal, but Oscar, Mata and company have difficult.
42. xherdan Shaqiri (Bayern Munich)
43. Luke Shaw (Southampton)
44. Danilo (Porto)
45. Raheem Sterling (Liverpool)
46. Marc Ter Stegen (Borussia Monchengladbach)
47. Marco Verratti (PSG)
48. Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)
49.Romelu Lukaku (Chelsea): much physical but does not seem to beat compatriot Benteke.
50.Ruben Garcia (Levante): They follow in middle Europe, eye because he has already played many minutes in First and Europe

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