España, More or less strong than in South Africa?

España, ¿más o menos fuerte que en Sudáfrica?

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Spain will go to Brazil with the intention to defend the title achieved in South Africa, canarinha privilege only in 1962 and Italy en 1938 They have been achieved. Difficult task for a team that already turned 2012 make the European scepter repeating machada. Of course, with two years in the majority of the members attending the South American country's question focuses on whether we have a more or less strong selection then.

The goal and the coach are the same as in 2010, the only question yes to know who will be the choice goalkeeper. Casillas not usually play, Yes Valdes, but the gallons and gallons are not surprised if the goal madridista who occupy the starting goalkeeper Square. Whatever the trio is full warranty and no selection can boast of such a cast of porters carrying.

The defense keeps Ramos and Pique, but logically you will lose a Puyol to the knee injury prevents him from playing continuously. Eso sí, a cambio, Spain wins huge lateral arrival path, Jordi Alba, which improves the already profitable Capdevila. Although many people think that neither Ramos and Piqué are in the best form, who writes no doubt that they will, except through injury, fully. In that sense, not seen weakening on South Africa.

España fue finalista en la pasada Copa Confederaciones.
Spain was a finalist at the last Confederations Cup.

Of course the big question is to know how the middle of the field behaves. Noble zone selection, the board in which talent and magic. Busquets and Xabi Alonso be hits in the double pivot and Iniesta, Xavi and Silva have many ballots to play. Manchego and Catalan are the big questions. Years pass in vain and it seems that fatigue takes its toll. Your fitness will depend very much the future of Spain, While on the bench could have refills guarantees as Cazorla, Women, Javi Martinez and Pedro, who is in the prime of his career and can be the great capping Red. Same or similar options in South Africa, but with four years.

By last, the top is the headache of Del Bosque. The nationalization of Diego Costa opens the door wide to title, while Alvaro Negredo is also a sublime moment. Will he dare to leave out Fernando Torres and David Villa? An enigma that probably will not be cleared until May.

Analyzing demarcation doubt that Spain will go with the best possible template, with the best individualities, but with rivals who already know and who are eager to get down to the Red Throne.


  • The quality. The midfield is the best team in the world and possibly history. Rarely talent gathered in one team. If Cesc work, Silva, Iniesta, Xavi, Xabi Alonso or Busquets, we can only look at the display.
  • The trust. Brazil come to realize that when they want are the best, as they demonstrated in Euro 2012. The final of the Confederations Cup should serve as a moral, to learn from mistakes.
  • Arriba, any alternative is valid. There are doubts about who will be the 9, but whoever it ensures goals. And it is a global one player enrachado, It is a guarantee.

Weak points:

  • Lack of physical. Spain does not have the physical power of other teams and that can bring charges in a world with high temperatures. Yes to that, we add some veteran players, everything is a bit more complicated.
  • Brasil. Archrival. He knows how to play and above will have the approval of referees. And if that was not enough, Diego Costa puts the case more morbid.
  • Xavi. It may be the weak link or strong. Your state will determine the outcome of the selection. Of his form and Palm, Iniesta and Xabi Alonso, very worrying right now.




Del Bosque ya fue campeón en 2010.
Del Bosque was already champion 2010.

Vicente del Bosque goes to his second World Cup after six years in office. quiet man, nothing will serve the pressure exerted by the press about possible alignments. Reflexive, He has the knack of hitting the changes you make and to read the parties, some key short championships.

Spain will seek possession, touch and knowing his coach, surely there will be traumatic revolution, sino más bien todo lo contrario, continuity with occasional change without making much noise about South Africa. If something is non-negotiable for him, is the double pivot Xabi Alonso-Busquets. A partir de ahí, the team builds. Everybody knows.


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