“I do not believe in France, Pogba only cares about her hair”

“I do not believe in France, Pogba only cares about her hair”
Denmark coach Pogba believes that only cares about their hairstyles . Photo: Libero

And smells of World, definitely. A few weeks after the appointment start Russia 2018, some parties are beginning to heat up. If not just ask Age Hareide, Denmark coach has stuck with him all who will be his opponent in the group stage, France.

Denmark coach said he was not worried too much with France and Russia ruled out as favorite. "I do not believe in them. We will give a lot of work because it is a team that has nothing special ", said the middle of his country Jyllands-Posten.

Norwegian-born coach, also he said the French team has quality players but lacking in personality and who do not have a player with the ability to exercise a leadership role. "They need to play as a team, what they have done in recent games. That has put them through bad times. Today do not have a star like Zidane, which encouraged every player to row to the same place, "he said flatly.

But surely what most surprised was the club that gave Pogba, man of 100 millions of euros. "A few days is OK and others are not. Played against City with hair painted blue and white. Bet against Denmark will play with white hair and red. It seems only concerned about their hairs ", he sentenced. Definitely, the morbidity is served.

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