World Stadium Russia 2018 that looks like a UFO

World Stadium Russia 2018 that looks like a UFO
Samara Arena, World Stadium Russia 2018 that looks like a UFO Independence Day. Photo: Captura Twitter

World Russia 2018 will leave many plays, goals, polemics and anecdotes like the curious resemblance of one of the stages of the World Cup UFO shaped the style Independence Day.We refer to Cosmos Arena Arena also called Samara in relation to the host city. Accommodating 45.000 viewers, its design is far less peculiar.

Samara is also known for its aerospace and stadium design is inspired by her. Built with the latest technologies, It will host four matches in the group stage of Russia 2018 and then also crosses into eighths and quarter-finals. Costa Rica-Serbia 17 of June, Denmark-Austalia the 21 of June, Russia-Uruguay the 25 the same month and the Senegal-Colombia 28 of June, will be four games of the group stage will host the stage and called UFO.

After the group stage, Samara Arena will continue to host matches at the finals, since in its facilities two fundamental matches will be played to define the passes to the quarterfinals and semifinals of the expected. The 2 July will play one such crossings, which corresponds to the second round and five days later, the 7, It will be played one game quarterfinal.

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