The worst referees in football history

The worst referees in football history
The worst referees football history. PHOTO: Brand

Who are the worst referees in the history of football?? Trencillas collegiate or as they are also often referred, these gentlemen are wearing old time black and go unnoticed until roped a controversial move. That's when they take center stage and are hated by some and respected by others, but never ones. In most countries they are just professional and have football as a hobby, While they used to earn “some money” Extra which in many cases is greater than his first paycheck. In other places like Spain, Referees earn a good salary.

Normally object of criticism from presidents, coaches and players, its role is vital because without them nothing would be the same. Because, Colgados today by the Football analyze which in our view have been the worst in history trencillas. Notice for mariners: there will be many who will not agree.

Who are the worst referees in the history of football??

– Byron Moreno: his career is marked by scandals, to the point of having been jailed for two years for having been caught with six kilos of heroin inside her body. by arbitration, This Ecuadorian trencilla was commissioned blowing the whistle Korea-Italy World 2002 where he gave a non-existent penalty for the home side and which also overturned two goals for the Azzurri legal. The world upside down, last but not expelled Totti for diving yes it was.

Moreno among the worst referees history
City room Moreno, one of the worst referees in history. PHOTO: As

Locally, in it 2002, Moreno was suspended for twenty parties and investigated by authorities Ecuadorian Football and FIFA, after his performance in the match between LDU Quito and Barcelona Sporting Club of Guayaquil where he committed several blunders, including when it did not grant a legitimate goal against LDU even though he had already called the goal, or when in the final minutes he pointed out 6 extension minutes but the match was lengthened by 13 minutes.

– Tom Henning Øvrebø: He is the arbiter of Chelsea-Barcelona. It's hard to go wrong so much and always in the same direction. Well then, this Norwegian referee did. He ate five clear penalty in favor of English in a tie where Iniesta would pass the final to the Catalans in stoppage time. An Italy-Romania or Bayern-Fiorentina also appear in games where the Norse did not have his best day. He received quite a few death threats.

Five penalties not marked the Norwegian referee ate at Chelsea Mourinho.
Five penalties not marked the Norwegian referee ate at Chelsea Mourinho. PHOTO: As

– Gamal Mahmoud Ahmed Al-Ghandour: this Egyptian referee with little international presence had a very difficult ballot in the quarterfinals of the World 2002 between Spain and South Korea. Casero as few, He annulled a goal by Ruben Baraja head for reasons that are still unknown Morientes and another for thinking that the ball had gone beyond the bottom line, without good here it counted with the line complacidad.

– José Luis Prados García: besides not being a particularly adept arbiter in the areas hit was a first-rate comedian, a pretender in the making. He pretended aggression goalkeeper Ceballos during a meeting of the League 99/2000 which it costs the goalkeeper racinguista 12 match ban for doing nothing. But there's. In his first game, he expelled two players Racing (team that had a curious relationship) and to the 17 years twice drove his brother.

His great sense of humor was such, Some headlines reflected at the time as was his character through one of his idols: to show the World Deportivo 1997: “It will beep Chiquito de la Calzada in Riazor”. I had many problems with offsides.

– Edgardo Codesal: the referee that sank the World Cup final 1990 noting a nonexistent penalty of Argentine. The author of the goal, German Andreas Brehme said that was nonexistent in a corroboration of a major failure of the Mexican trencilla.

– Alexander Puhl: World let us unique moments and this Hungarian referee gave us one tremendous: Tassotti's elbow to Luis Enrique who was completely unpunished despite the Spaniard was bleeding profusely blood through his nasal septum completely broken. You are welcome, They were worth protests…The gift was whistle the end of that World.

Of no avail protests, Phul was very clear. There was nothing happened.
Of no avail protests, Puhl was very clear. There was nothing happened.

– Charles Corver: was a participant in the famous “Crime of the Century” Germany-France in the World 82 not to find anything punishable in the brutal aggression of German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher on French Patrik Battiston, who was unconscious several minutes in the German area and also lost two teeth. The action also had the Gaul nine months away from the pitch

Ali Bennaceur: This Tunisian saw nothing in the famous play of the hand of Maradona against England. bad location, difficulty of the play, the fact is that this controversial action will always be remembered.

Ken Aston: the man who invented the yellow and red cards had before a controversial discourse by football fields. It was the referee of the famous Battle of Santiago where he allowed no hard game, but I violent with numerous injuries and was also part of an England-Argentina in 1966 that did not leave anyone indifferent.

Of course, there are many more like Busacca, Gottfried Dienst and as many more…If you remember any, Let us know in the comments section of the page.

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  1. Let's not forget that one “legendary” Sr. Fennel about Fennel… The first worst referee in history

  2. There are two referees who will be remembered for theft Tenerife, Raúl García de Loza to overturn a legal goal to Real Madrid when there was no offside on the play worth the tie to three and Celino Gracia Redondo, the referee who stole Real Madrid last league match in Tenerife with two controversial plays, Zamorano robbed the penalty that expelled him for simulate and Chano hands when he plays the ball into the area tinerfeña.

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