How much does an arbitrator in the various categories of Spanish football?

How much does an arbitrator in the various categories of Spanish football?
How much does a referee charge in Spain? Miral. Photo:

How much does an arbitrator in Spanish football? That's one of the questions most often asked an amateur. A good salary for, technically and on paper, not be professional. In Spain the situation is as follows.

An arbiter of Santander League or First Division, cobra 3.685 euros per game, 1.544 linesmen and 903 the fourth official. In second, they're not bad the figure although some difference is observed with First. In the second category of Spanish football, the salary of the members is divided into: 1.621 euros gross per game for the referee, 731 for his assistants and 571 euros for the fourth official.

Regardless of their match fees, First collegiate receive ten monthly payments of around 11.000 euros, arbitrate or not, and linesmen, almost the same 5.000 euros. Second Division, these payrolls are 6.000 euros per month for umpires and 2.727 for the linesmen. To all this we should add diets and advertising like Wurth bearing on the sleeve.

Each referee gives a 20 game season so the referee of First earns between 180.000 Y 200.000 euros per season while the second between 90.000 Y 100.000 euros. Certainly figures, quite far from what they earn with their supposed statutory work. And it is that despite this compensation and as is logical, many only dedicated to arbitrate, supposedly still not professional.

Segunda B and the First Women's Division and the thing down and change much, very much. In both cases, the referee or collegial, cobra 167 euros per game and his two assistants 80, along with a diet 78,13 euros if the match is played over a hundred kilometers. Third, al referee pockets 121 euros 56 their linieres, along with a diet shift 42,07 euros (if it does night before the meeting) and two diets 78,13 (If you have to travel a day earlier). very very distant numbers that are handled in the first two categories of Spanish football.

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