Which are the 5 most outstanding players in the history of FC Barcelona?

Which are the 5 most outstanding players in the history of FC Barcelona?
The Camp Nou has seen notable players pass by its lawn.

FC Barcelona is one of the most popular Spanish teams with the longest history in football history. Numerous players have been part of its squad over the years, but nevertheless, there are five players who stood out above the others, so much for his plays, for the goals scored, as for all the victories they got for the team.

Players who have made history

Barcelona has had a great variety of very good players who marked the footballing history of the team, thanks to their incredible plays and for their participation in the different competitions in which they won.

If you are a follower of any of their current players, now you can watch the games in the best position, thanks to that you can compare tickets for FC Barcelona and get the perfect view to see the highlights of each match on the field.

If you are interested in know which are the players that have marked the history of this team, Here are the top five:

Leonel Messi

Leonel Messi debuted at Barcelona in the year 2003 Y he is still playing with the Catalan team. Since then, Messi has managed to win together with the team: ten leagues, six glasses, eight Spanish Super Cups, four Champions League, three European Super Cups and three Club World Cups.

It is a fairly extensive figure that will continue to grow, as it still remains in the Barcelona main squad, being one of the key players in the matches. further, As a player, he has won five Ballons d'Or and six more awards for being the player with the most goals in Europe.

Diego Armando Maradona

Maradona is one of the best known names in the football world, being considered by many people as the best player in history. His arrival in European football came from the hand of Barcelona in 1982, after participating in the World Cup in Spain.

His participation in the team was limited to only two seasons, ending his time at Barcelona in 1984. But nevertheless, during these seasons he would win a Copa del Rey, a Spanish Super Cup and a League Cup.

Xavi Hernandez

The name of Xavi Hernández is one of the most remembered by all the fans of FC Barcelona, since this player spent his entire footballing life in the team, since 1998 until 2015.

With Xavi, Barcelona managed to take home 17 national trophies and 8 international, being one of the most important pieces to achieve these victories.

Andres Iniesta

He is one of the best players in all of Spain, who with his time at Barcelona, which started in the 2002 and ended in the 2018, got nine leagues, six King's Cups, seven Super Cups, four Champions League, three European Super Cups and three World Cups.


Ronaldinho spent five years playing for Barcelona, from the 2003 until the 2008, being the idol of many people. Got several titles, in addition to the award for Best Player in the World and a Ballon d'Or. His incredible plays and his skill on the field would make him a star remembered by all Barcelona fans.

Which player stands out today?

Ansu Fati is one of the players who stands out most within Barcelona today, even has achieved the record of being the youngest player to score a goal for the team and has also surpassed two great stars of the team: and Bojan Krkić, who scored his first goal at 17 years and 53 days, as well as Lionel Messi, who wrote it down to 17 years and 331 days.

This is a very good start for Ansu Fati, since it can be said that he is part of the history of the club thanks to this new record that bears his name.


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