The most expensive signings in the history of Real Madrid

Los fichajes más caros de la historia del Real Madrid
Till the date, Eden Hazard is the most expensive signing in the history of Real Madrid and also its biggest fiasco in price-performance ratio. FOTO:

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Who are the most expensive signings in the history of Real Madrid? The white club has always been characterized by having some of the Best Soccer Players in History del fútbol. However, from the first period of Florentino Perez, the Madrid, It has been characterized by breaking the transfer market, in fact a high percentage of the most expensive signings in the history of football They bear his signature. We review them briefly.

The most expensive signings in the history of Real Madrid

  1. Eden Hazard: Cost 115 millions of euros en 2019 and for its performance, quality and price, is one of los peores fichajes de la historia del Real Madrid. One of the biggest failures in memory in the White House.
  2. Jude Bellingham: With scarcely 20 años, Florentino Pérez decided to invest 103 millions of euros in this English talent who was triumphing at Dortmund. And the bet at the moment couldn't have turned out better..
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo. Llegó en 2009 por 94 millions of euros and it was a sporting and economic operation one of the best in history. Became the top scorer in the history of Real Madrid, juice 9 seasons as a target where he accumulated titles and awards and was sold in 2018 por 117 million euros to Juventus. More than it had cost and after having performed great for 9 años. A round operation.
  4. Gareth Bale. There were discrepancies although the official figure was in 91 millions of euros. Fichó en 2013 and he left in 2022, almost a decade later with 5 Champions as a Real Madrid player among other titles but with a bittersweet feeling.
  5. Aurelien Tchouameni: Another young bet from Real Madrid. Firmó en 2022 from Monaco 80 millions of euros.
  6. James Rodríguez. After an excellent World 2014 He came to Madrid by Florentino 80 millions. It didn't work as a Real Madrid player.
  7. Zinedine Zidane. Florentino broke banking 2001 to sign the Frenchman for the equivalent of 73 millions of euros. One of the best players in the history of Real Madrid and also one of the best coaches the white club has ever had..
  8. Kaká. White magnate signed by the Brazilian 65 millions of euros en 2009. A ruin of an operation since it didn't work. When it seemed like the worst operation in history, Hazard's came years later.
  9. Luka Jovic: Another operation disaster. Real Madrid signed the Serbian striker for 63 millions of euros coming from the Eintracht Frankfurt de. It was a fiasco of operation and he went to Fiorentina for free in 2022.
  10. Luis Figo. It was the first Galactic Florentino and joined Real Madrid in 2000 from nothing more and nothing less than the Barca 10.000 million pesetas of the time. Unos 60 millions of euros.
  11. Ronaldo Nazario. The original Ronaldo signed after the World 2002 for about 45 millions of euros.
  12. David Beckham. English was one of the last galactic Florentino in its first stage. Fichó en 2003 por más de 37 millions of euros.
  13. Arjen Robben. De los 10 more expensive is the only one not signed Florentino. Llegó en 2007 por 36 millions of euros aproximadamente.
  14. Xabi Alonso. He 2009 It was a prolific year in expenses in the Real Madrid not in titles. Florentino was brought to Liverpool by means of a 35 millions of euros. He became a Madrid reference.

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