Diego Costa: the future “9” from Spain

Diego Costa: the future “9” from Spain

Diego da Silva Costa is one of the strongest candidates to fill the position in front of Spain. "Red" of the Confederations Cup against Brazil left many doubts, but also to the sub-champion of Europe, Italy, where the Spanish team won, in extremis, since the 11 meters. One of the concerns of the fans is who will take the place of 9. Of course the option "Panther" is a reality considering the beginning of the season of the player colchonero, which it confirmed the good feelings of the past year.

The career of the Spanish-Brazilian has not been a bed of roses. Young and inexperienced in European football, he signed for Sporting Braga Portuguese playing with their reserves in which was his first professional contract. After it was loaned to FC Penafiel in Portugal II and after his move to Atletico, also Sporting Braga this time in the First Division of the country. After it began in Spain. Signed for Atletico Madrid 2007, It has been on loan to Celta de Vigo and Albacete in Second, Pucela to go through the season 2011-2009-2010, Back to the Manzanares in 2010-2011, to get back out on loan to the Lightning in the next season in the winter, January was 2012. That's when we begin to discover what he could give himself this player. Calderon again through the front door and was not disappointed.

Diego Costa has been uncovered at Atletico Madrid.
Diego Costa has been uncovered at Atletico Madrid.

Costa is a nuisance to opponents, probably the most hated player for opposing defenses. Player punchy, tough, ready, controversial, fast and deadly in the auction, Panther has everything required of a 9. Not a "9" pure as it falls well to the band and is skilled in the art of dribbling. David Villa, are the couple most feared strikers in the league.

Presumably a great year for Atletico Madrid and Diego Costa looks to be one of the revelations of the championship. Undoubtedly his performances with the Madrid club will influence the final decision of the Spanish coach. Today, Diego Costa is a real option and should have been summoned to play against Finland.

What are the real chances for Diego Costa to go to Spain to Brazil?

The first condition is that Brazil does not convene before, but he has already played 2 friendly matches with "canarinha" according to the FIFA Regulations provides that, any player with dual nationality player officially considered one of them when playing a match racing with this combination. If it is not done, for many friendlies to play, It is still considered selectable for both countries. So, his coach Scolari could convince the player. As the world home, the most reasonable thing would be to play with Brazil. So it would have been great to see Costa in Helsinki, Here is the first uncertainty.

Secondly, performance will be the key player. The good start of Diego Costa, attached to the end of last season, goal in the Cup final at the Bernabeu included, He has generated a debate blessed Vicente De Forest, but must maintain this level of play throughout the tournament.

In third place, Salamanca coach clearly confident David Villa. The Tuilla is the top scorer in Spain and will be fixed in Brazil if injuries respect him. With Villa almost assured would be two positions to cover for the front. The "Panther" will depend on the performance of other players who have already enjoyed the confidence of El Bosque in other battles. The leading candidates to be in the World Cup in Brazil 2014 son:

• Fernando Torres. So far it has been a fixture for De Forest. With him we won our first final, that its main asset. On the other hand, Low performance in recent years both Chelsea and with Spain and the arrival of Eto'o to the "Blue" team can subtract the options Fuenlabrada.

• Alvaro Negredo. Possibly the second favorite list, He scored a goal against Ecuador and has started the Premier so spectacular with the City. His goals in the British Isles will be your passport to the finals.

Negredo has started making goals in the Premier.
Negredo has started making goals in the Premier.

• Fernando llorente. It is one of the most questionable cases. Called to be a substitute for the Villa and Torres, Juve player is paying the bill have been almost the entire season last blank. It started as his deputy in Calcio and its participation in Brazil is a mystery.

• Roberto Soldado. He played Conferederaciones, He did not shine but not out of tune in one of the worst performances in Spain in recent times. It is expected of him much at Spurs, but so far only penalty mark. Your goals will determine.

• Pedro Rodriguez and Cesc Fabregas, the players of the FC Barcelona, although not front natos, usually they occupy the position of "false 9", something that detract possibilities for Panther.

Other front and, Michu, Iago Aspas, Aguirretxe and Ruben Castro may have any chance if there were inopportune injury, but they are almost impossible.

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