Players who command silence his fans, silences that kill

Players who command silence his fans, silences that kill

Scoring a goal and take advantage of the celebration to command silence rival fans usually very common, what is no longer so much a player makes such gestures to his fans. Seferovic closed the scoring in Anoeta against Osasuna scoring the fifth goal with special dedication to Anoeta. Swiss, He has not been the only player to have this kind of behavior. And there are silences that kill.

Minute passed 87 in Anoeta the match between Real Sociedad Osasuna, the San Sebastian team won, comfortably, by four goals, José Angel makes a pass of death and Haris Seferovic brand. The Swiss sent in his dedication to silence the fans taking finger to her mouth for silence and making a hand gesture alluding to the fans donostiarras, many of them critical of his game, some reproaching his nocturnal outings Donostia-San Sebastián. Anyway, front gesture has caused a strong stir in social networks and the player has finished apologizing after his performance Anoeta recriminate him with a loud blast.

The expectations raised by the Swiss presaged the first games that “What” it would be one of the front revelation, but the light has been putting out Swiss. Not for me to defend a player who wins a lot of money, I think the audience is sovereign and has every right to criticize but sometimes we forget that only has 21 years. Patience, thereof requiring the canteranos. Also in 12 realistic games, Swiss has more quality than has demonstrated the good of Diego Ifran in two seasons. On the other hand we appreciate that, even though late, the "8-white-blue" He has apologized. Hopefully your inopportune gesture of silence does not end up killing the Swiss sooner than expected.

Seferovic case is not the only one that has occurred in football, big stars like Ibrahimovic or reputedly educated presidents Florentino Perez as callas have commanded his followers. Today in "Hanged" let's go over some of the most notorious silences that kill.

Nelson Oliveira.

Nelson Oliveira sent shut off bounds Deportivo in victory against Espanyol last season. The Portuguese scored a good goal, the 2-0 at discount, He is biting the ball and went straight to the stairs of the Riazor Blues. The player then pointed his finger off bounds general, as if to generalize that desplante. At the end of the match, Nelson Oliveira declined to say hello from midfield to your hobby, who fired the Portuguese with whistles. With the decrease of Deportivo, Nelson went to Rennes at the orders of Philippe Montanier, former coach of Real Sociedad.

Nelson ordered silenced the fans of Depor.

Oscar Cardozo.

Cardozo held in this manner, sending silenced the fans of Benfica, after scoring his goal against Hapoel Tel-Aviv. One of the best players in the Portuguese league and the Paraguayan national team star luxury to silence their fans were allowed in 2009. He is currently the best player and an idol Benfica in Lisbon.


Swedish striker sent silence his own fans by scoring a goal against Lazio in May 2009. He also made an obscene gesture toward "tifoseria neroazzurra" putting his hands to his sides. Moratti initially defended the player but Zlatan this summer would call at Inter for FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola. Already in the Catalan club he referred to himself, as the player who had given him a title to Inter 17 years later.

Ricardo 'Tuca' Ferretti

Tigers coach, Ricardo 'Tuca' Ferretti, sends silence his fans a practice session, He also confronted them and was banned for three games "For violating Article 31 Incidentally l, Sanctions Regulations, to beckon, gestures or attitudes involving obscene and insulting behavior to the public, players and members of the technical bodies.

Florentino Perez.

Presidents do not escape such gestures. Florentino Perez, during the presentation of Garete Bale as the new Real Madrid player, a group of fans who attended the event wanted to show their opposition to the imminent sale of the German singing in unison “Özil is not sold”. The gesture did not like the president, Florentino Perez, he asked quietly to Madrisistas.

Florentino took very seriously that being a superior entity.
Florentino took very seriously that being a superior entity.

They are remembered Raul gestures silence the Nou Camp, or "botifarras" Giovanni at the Bernabeu, More unusual it is to see such gestures made their own fans. In addition, such actions usually end up in a classic forgiveness only achieved over time, based on good play and goals. If you want to see the most controversial celebrations can click here.

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