How many titles does Carlo Ancelotti have as coach?

¿Cuántos títulos tiene Carlo Ancelotti como entrenador?
Carlos Ancelotti is one of the coaches with the most titles in history. PHOTO: RTVE capture

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Carlo Ancelotti He is one of the most reputable technicians on the planet.. Not for nothing is one of the coaches with the most titles today. The Italian, He has a long career on the bench full of successes and has coached some of the best clubs on the planet.. Not in vain, is he coach with the most Champions in history. Ancelotti has 4, las 2 that he conquered as coach of Milan (2002/03 y 2005/06) and the other ones 2 with Real Madrid (2013/14 y 2021/22).

Before it, He also had a brilliant career as a footballer. But we are going to focus only on his facet as a technician.

How many titles does Carlo Ancelotti have as coach?

Until now, Carletto has 25 titles as coach distributed between 6 clubs although he has trained 10 during his career. But not even in Reggiana, Parma, Everton and Napoli did not get any title. These are the trophies that the Italian has won:


  • 1 Intertoto Cup

AC Milan

  • 2 Champions Leagues
  • 2 European Super Cups
  • 1 Club World Cup
  • 1 Italian Cup
  • 1 Italian Super Cup
  • 1 A series


  • 1 Premier League
  • 1 Community Shield
  • 1 FA Cup


  • 1 Ligue 1

Bayern Munich

  • 1 Bundesliga
  • 2 German Super Cups
cuántos títulos tiene Carlo Ancelotti como entrenador
Carletto in his time as coach of Bayern Munich. PHOTO:

Real Madrid

  • 3 Champions League
  • 2 Club World Cups
  • 2 Supecopas Europe
  • 2 King's Cups
  • 2 Suspenders
  • 2 Spain Supercup

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