Spanish League coaches who were before players

Entrenadores de la Liga española que fueron antes jugadores

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“Before I went friar cook”. This popular adage will come in handy the protagonists of this article. Virtually all members of the 20 ower First Division, few exceptions, They were elite players before deciding to go with his career on the bench. Some with more success, others with less, but the vast majority have played some top flight football. Then as always, what you have.

“Cholo”Simeone, “Tata” Martin y Carlo Ancelotti

The career of “Cholo” Simeone player is practically known as. colchonero player in one of the best seasons in the history of Atletico, that of the doublet of 1996, He also played for teams like Sevilla or Lazio. He was international and World Cup with Argentina. He “Tata” Martino was not a crack of football but played in the top category Argentina, Newell in rows or Lanús, in Ecuador with Ecuador's Barcelona, in Chile in the ranks of O'Higgins and the Spanish League with the shirt of Tenerife. Carlo Ancelotti was a brilliant footballer who played in the best history Milan where he won several European Cups and several Scudetti. Antes, he had lived a golden age as a footballer in Rome where he went on to win the Serie A title three times. The fact that his career as a player and coach, It is full of successes.

Tata Martino jugador Tenerife
Tata Martino made his debut in the Camp Nou Tenerife.

Ernesto Valverde, Marcelino and Unai Emery

“Chingurri” Valverde was a legendary Athletic Bilbao striker of the decade of the 90. With players like Garitano, Zyganda, Andrinua and company, He swelled to score goals in First Division. Jugó también en el Espanyol, Barcelona and Mallorca for two seasons where he finished his playing career. He played once. Marcelino García Toral debuted in first with Sporting Gijon category in which arrived to participate in 74 parties. He also played in the Levant, Racing de Santander and Elche, becoming international Sub 20, category where he participated in the World held in 1985 in the former Soviet Union. Unai Emery had a modest playing career but got to make debut with Real Sociedad, with which he played 5 matches in the top flight. Second Division was one of the regulars, playing teams like Toledo, where he was one of the best, Leganes and Racing de Ferrol.

Emery como jugador
Unai Emery was handed a fine quality.

Juan Antonio Pizzi, Javier Aguirre and Luis Enrique

Pizzi was top scorer in Tenerife and played for Barcelona, Valencia and Villarreal. Argentine-Spanish, He was fixed for Javier Clemente from 1995 hasta 1998 and he participated in Euro 96 y el Mundial 98 defending the Spanish shirt. It was a very good striker. El mexicano Javier Aguirre, known as the “Vasco”, He was a professional footballer in years 80. He developed his almost entire career in Mexico but two experiences told in the US and the League in the ranks of Osasuna. He played for Mexico and participated in the Aztec World 1986. Luis Enrique is well known as it is the most recent of the three. He played for Sporting Gijon, Real Madrid and Barcelona where he became an idol of the parish culé. International by Spain, He went to three World (USA 94, Francia 98 and Korea and Japan 2002), a Euro Cup (Inglaterra 1996) and a JJOO (Barcelona 1992) where he won the Gold. Remembered the time with a broken nose in USA in 1994 after being attacked by Tassotti in a match that could have changed the history of Spain before 2010.

Lived unforgettable moment in the World 1994.

Javi Gracia, Francisco and Schuster

Javi Gracia played in the First Division teams like Valladolid, Real Sociedad and Villarreal. He also participated in the silver category with Athletic Bilbao T-Shirt , Lleida and Cordoba. Francisco, the youngest coach of First Division, He played in many teams, highlighting his time at Almeria where is the top scorer in the club's history in professional category. It is next to Gracia, one of three coaches coaching in his first hometown. Schuster was a classic 80 and early 90's. He played in the big Spain, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid among others. Midfielder class and quality, its peculiar character caused more of a problem. The German was one of the best midfielders of his time.

schuster corte de manga
Schuster was equally nice of player coach.

Paco Jemez and Gabriel Calderón

Paco Jemez coaching, bet touch football, combination and association. As a football player was the opposite. He was a tough defender, trunk type and quality ungifted, that stood out for being a good marker and a sticky and strong player who played in clubs like Ray, Deportivo and Zaragoza among others. He became international with Spain during the time of Camacho. Gabriel Calderon was Racing de Avellaneda player, Lanus, Independent, PSG, Zion and the Betis own. He played for Argentina at the World Youth 1979 and absolute World in 1982 y 1990. Had a glove on his leg especially when throwing faults which put the eye because, He puts the ball.

Paco Jemez melenas Deportivo
Paco Jemez had hair once.

Other coaches First Division : Caparros, John Ignatius Martinez, Luis Garcia, arrasate, Fran Escriva and Lucas Alcaraz had no first class career.

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