So good and so crazy: el “dios” Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Tan bueno y tan loco: el “dios” Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Last update 18 November, 2013 por Julio Muñoz

Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic is his 32 one of the biggest global football stars. His long career has allowed him to play with such important teams like Malmo, el Ajax, and AC Milan, la Juventus, Barcelona or Inter and PSG. Where it has been achieved to lift the league (with the exception of his brief stay in Sweden or Juve) and score goals.

many goals. Some of them, impressive describing the impressive technical quality of this phenomenon. In tribute to him, in Hanged by Football, We rescue the top ten goals from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, el “dios” and likes to be called. Ten, because we could make a list 50 of so many good having:

1- Chilean spectacular against England in the opening of the Friends Arena. The opening of the new domed stadium that came to replace the decrepit Rasunda left us what is arguably the best goal of his career. A Chilean impressive in escorada position that surprised Hart and British defense by the precision and power carrying. One of the best goals in football history, sin duda.

2- Taconazo trademark in Euro 2004. The European 2004 He played in Portugal was amazing in its first phase leaving moments to remember. One of them produced the Swedish, playing with his selection who has shown some of the best of his repertoire. A loose ball inside the area and a false Buffon led to a taconazo- espuela entered into the top corner.

3- Una “missing” the Gol. It was against Fiorentina on their way through the Inter. The San Siro field. A foul outside the area would be the perfect excuse to score an impressive trallazo that slipped into the goal “vittola” so impregnable. There were placement, a lot of power and expertise. An example of throwing punches francs, one of its great specialties. 32 meters was the distance.

4- In individual move, also. At Inter, Zlatan scored unlikely golazos. In one of them he remembered the great Maradona. After catching a ball in three quarters of field, began a ride that few rivals overtook him waylaid and culminated with a subtle Vaseline beat goalkeeper opposite. There were speed and tap, Another of the great virtues of the Swedish.

5-huge volleying against France. This man seems to only be able to score great goals. European Championship again and this time France would rival offer us a marvelous example of how to beat an opponent goal. A cross was acrobatically finished off under the watchful eye of Mexes, who could barely watch the show.

6- A solo run from another time. In its beginnings in Ajax, Zlatan began to stand by his refined technique. In a match against Eredivisie Breda things got out of pot. Zlatan took the ball and started a play like I was in the schoolyard. Dribbling around here, a break there, take your, not!, and within. A delight to watch it again and again and who writes that despite them not being famous, Yes it is the most meritorious.

7- Splices another galaxy. Portugal also witnessed in a Champions League match an anthological maneuver. Zlatan always looking for the harder still surprised the opponent with a shot from outside the area that literally slammed the goalkeeper. A new artwork for a man who seems only gets golazos.

8- A hat trick for remembrance. In Brussels this autumn, Ibrahimovic scored a goal not only, but made three each more beautiful. In each he showed its patent. Force, quality, class and luxury, much luxury. One of a kind and a man who could flood the newspaper archives from anywhere in the world with its collection goals.

9- A goal of taekwondo. black belt in taekwondo, against Bologna being left Inter samples martial art that has applied so swimmingly in playgrounds. A heel-spur as own that ended how could it be otherwise…inward.

10- Another backheel against Bastia his. This man seems to only be devoted to score great goals and scoring in current positions deteste. Against Bastia returned to make his mark. Como no podía ser de otra forma, with typical backheel back to goal.

If you remember some other goal, I do know in the comments section.

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