Blaugrana pearls of the future

Blaugrana pearls of the future
El Camp Nou se prepara para la renovación de la plantilla del Barça Image>>> Photo by Manminder Public Domain (License)

The Barça begins to assume that he will have to start an in-depth renovation of his wardrobe. The backbone of the best Barça of history is already over thirty. Players like Gerard Piqué, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez, Ivan Rakitic and included Leo Messi, have already overcome the psychological barrier of 30 years, figure that limits the sports growth of a footballer and places him within the club of experienced -and / or veterans-.

This season we are seeing how the Barcelona is having trouble closing matches efficiently; the rivals repeatedly generate dangerous situations in the final minutes and the fan culé, suffers. One of the possible explanations for this problem is related to the progressive aging of the workforce and the impossibility of finding guarantee replacements..

Many of the signings that the Catalan club has incorporated in recent summers have shown a very poor level. Some are no longer in the Barça discipline. Men like Coutinho, Dembélé, Umtiti o Arthur -that this summer he will leave the club for Turin- have not lived up to expectations.

But this sport crisis situation can cause men trained in the culé discipline to take a step forward. In fact, one of the few positive news that the Barça has had season go through the irruption of two proper names of the quarry.

Puig is getting what in Blackjack rules is known as a 21, a perfect first division debut. All of his individual performances this course have been noteworthy, and despite his substitution against Espanyol, is having many more minutes. Worthy of mention was his recital before the Valladolid, perhaps the only salvageable note of a soporific party.

Player Matadepera this season he has played more than 10 matches, with outstanding individual performances. Despite his football contribution, have not yet added any goals in their individual records, nor any assistance, but its deployment and vertical play help the team a lot.

Case young Guinean it is diametrically different, in fact, his soccer characteristics go through chaos, the imbalance and forcefulness in front of goal. In fact, that's what makes him a special player. The footballers specialists in the band game who provide depth are highly valued in today's football, in past stages there were a lot of them, but now it's an endangered species. To these innate and inherent characteristics we must add their training in farmhouse, that make him a valid player for the first team without the need for an acclimatization stage.

The fate has enjoyed this season a total of 30 matches, with seven goals and one assist. A colossal performance that contrasts with its youth. In fact there are already rumors that talk about exorbitant offers to get their services, Between her one of Manchester United, club that lives the last years orphaned of level soccer referents.

The last player to join the club's regular dynamics is the central defender. Ronald Araújo. The central 21 years came to the Barça discipline the year 2018 from Uruguay and it is one of the few transfers to the subsidiary that have worked.

The irregular performance of Umtiti and the lack of reliable centrals to the first team have caused the Uruguayan to be integrated into the day to day culé. Has disputed 5 matches with the first team and it has not clashed at all. Accompanying Pique already Lenglet has shown himself as a reliable partner with a good ball output, an essential requirement in Barça football.

The reconstruction of the Barça of the future must have these three pieces, they can define a new column to structure the evolution of the club: a defender, a midfielder and a front. The Barça You must also hit the next transfer market, but at the moment it has Riqui Puig as conductor, a Araujo as rearguard and the other youth squad as finisher. All three are solid and solvent on the pitch and all of them have Barça DNA. Key pieces in the position game and a touch of optimism in relation to a galaxy that gradually fades from month to month. Renewed or die.

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