The best strikers in the history of Athletic Bilbao

The best strikers in the history of Athletic Bilbao
Aritz Aduriz is without a doubt one of the best strikers in the history of Athletic. PHOTO:

Who are the best strikers in the history of Athletic Bilbao? The Basque club, It is one of the historic Spanish league. Next to Real Madrid and Barcelona, He is the only one who has played all editions of the Spanish Primera Division and is one of the clubs with more titles in Spain, thanks in part to its more than twenty Cups.

A club, with over one hundred years of history and a lot of football. That's why, make a list of these features, It becomes a complicated company. But we leave you some names with many merits to be on this list. We don't talk about the best players in the history of Athletic if not one of the best in a specific position.

The best strikers in the history of Athletic Bilbao

Telmo Zarra

“The best head in Europe after Churchill”. A) Yes, They presented to uno de los mejores delanteros de la historia del Athletic de Bilbao, the Spanish League and football history. A legendary scorer who scored goals with the Bilbao zamarra for many years and who set a record for goals in the League that took many years to be surpassed by an outstanding player like Leo Messi.


The first scorer in the history of Spanish football. With his eternal headscarf, Pichichi, He thrashed with Athletic until his premature retirement and subsequent death before age 30 por typhus. Such was his legend, your bust, He chaired the old San Mames for decades and continues to do in the new. A bust to the visiting team for the first time the Lions Stadium, You should pay a visit and leave a bouquet of flowers. They also named after him Spanish League top scorer trophy.

Daniel Ruiz

considered the “great Captain” del Athletic, He played his entire playing career at Athletic Bilbao scoring goals for 12 years in all competitions in which he played the Atleti zamarra. It was part of the group that won two league titles and one Copa del Rey in 80.

Pirou Gainza

Perhaps today it would be considered more extreme but at the time, He was part of a mythical lead in sharing the responsibility of scoring goals by Zarra among others. The Gamo Dublin He swelled to score goals for years and came on merit in the history of Athletic Bilbao

Fernando llorente

He “Lion King” did not have the best club out of your life but you can not deny that is uno de los mejores delanteros que ha dado la historia del Athletic de Bilbao and one of the best players the Basque club has had so far in the 21st century. All clouded by an inelegant departure from the club where he made his debut in the top flight that caused a wound that has never healed. Juice 333 partidos officers and marked 117 goals.

Aritz Aduriz

The scorer par excellence club of San Mames in the second decade of the century. In a second stage excellent and past 30 years, Aduriz started to score goals and goals to the point of thirty long many the Spanish team. Undoubtedly one of the best strikers in the history of Athletic Bilbao. Se retiró en 2020 Near the 40 con 12 seasons, 407 partidos y 172 goals, most of them already in their soccer maturity.

Ismael Urzaiz

Isma Urzaiz sand swelled to score goals in San Mamés since the end of the 90 well into the first decade of the century. A legend marking Athletic headed goals like hotcakes and played more than 400 Atleti matches with zamarra. One of the best pure center forwards that Athletic and Spanish football had at the time. Al final, 11 seasons, 419 parties and 122 goals for the 'Tank'.

Joseba Etxeberria

Although often it effected his game since the band also appeared in many games as a striker where he became a legend player. He was signed in 1995 por 500 million when he was 17 years. His signing led to controversy with rival, la Real society, club where it formed and where he debuted in First as a teenager. It eventually became the third most capped player in the history of Athletic Bilbao. Y por supuesto, in one of his best strikers. Etxebe completed 15 seasons, 514 partidos y 104 goals.

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