Penalty shoot specialists: the best pitchers

Penalty shoot specialists: the best pitchers
Ronaldinho among the best penalty takers.
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Penalties are usually half-goal. A) Yes, at least interpret fans, players, coaches and everyone who suffers or receives signaling a penalty. But nevertheless, It not always equals penalty goal. The nerves, Goalkeepers good or bad skill in this art do sometimes play a bad move when transforming the maximum punishment. It is therefore, in Colgados for football, We analyze this time the best pitchers in history, the great specialists from 11 meters, yes with a requirement, They must have released more than 30 penalties in his career:

Ibrahimovic is the best pitcher in the world penalty.
Ibrahimovic is the best pitcher in the world penalty.

1- Zlatan Ibrahimovic: He has marked 37 of the 40 penalties that launched his career, which gives more than one 92% efficacy. Their strategy is clear. launch strong and hard to burst ball. It is the usual pattern, although occasionally she prefers the subtlety of placement and deception. Definitely, the best.

2- Gaizka Mendieta: 34 shooting for 31 goals. A 91,18% Efficacy was Basque, who had a peculiar way of throwing the maximum penalties. His strategy was to wait for the decision maximum score, and then release with a low shot the ball in the opposite direction to where it was dropped. At times, It seemed infallible.

3- Juninho: 32 penalties and 29 goals (90,63%). Brazil's Atletico was a great specialist in scoring goals from 11 meters. He never nervous. He puts the ball wherever he wanted. A precision that made him the best.

4- Cristiano Ronaldo: 62 penalties and 56 goals (90,32%). After Ronaldinho Gaucho (65-51) the second player who has released more penalties in football history in official matches. The Portuguese can dial through power or placement, or simply combining both aspects. no failure, but when it fails…It is sounded…Champions semifinals, final Champions, penalty shoot-outs with Portugal…

5- Gabriel Omar Batistuta: The Argentine scored in his career whopping 28 many of 31 Attempts. A break and rarely placement, his style reminded now uses Ibrahimovic. Fiorentina and Argentina enjoyed as high efficiency, somewhat higher than his compatriot Juan Roman Riquelme (31-27), another great specialist who however failed with its most decisive kick Villareal.

6- Juanjo Camacho: Valencia player came stringing Huesca 21 marking overcoming consecutive pitches 18 Cristiano. Total, 21 goals 22 launches has tried. A master's peerless, only that I did in the second division its impact is not the same.

7- Dennis Bergkamp: Dutch voleador class had to give and take. We're going to bore. This was patented in the 34 goals scored in 38 penalties (89,47%) he knocked. Subtlety, class and celebration. Everything was united in sinigual footballer.

8- Oscar Cardozo: 34 penalties and 30 goals (88,23%). Uruguayan striker knows what it's all about the 11 meters. Fichado few days ago by the Turkish Fenerbahçe, his great Achilles' heel was in the World Cup quarter where he made the mistake of his life before Iker Casillas…Casillas before or at Reina, the man who told Casillas where would launch.

9- Enrico Chiesa: Who does not remember this famed Italian striker year 90. Life insurance in maximum penalties scored 26 of the 30 he ordered releases. A specialty phenomena as Jose Javier Barkero. The Levante is another player out of this discipline with the same percentage of effectiveness.

10- Frank Lampard: its effectiveness is not among the 10 higher, but among the best (55-47, 85%). English also does a team responsibility Chelsea, always on the edge of pulses and always giving a sense of security.

These men have launched more than 30 penalties, but unless there is a whole series of bunch of players who have penalties in their most lethal weapon:

The best penalty takers history.
The best penalty takers in history without being active having pulled over 30 penalties.

– Mario Ballotelli: 20 of 21

– Robbie Maakay: 15 of 15

– Simao: 15 of 15

– Miccoli: 14 of 14

– Filip Daems: 14 of 14

– Chicao: 13 of 13

– Ruben Suarez: 12 of 12

– Nestor Ortigoza: 12 of 12

– Robbie Keane: 20 of 21

– Olivera: 21 of 22

– Baby: 20 of 22

– Soldier: 22 of 24

– Hulk: 19 of 21

– Neymar: 24 of 30

– Villa: 41 of 51

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  1. Nice article and great research work. The one I haven't seen is Matt le Tissier from the Southamptom. I would always have believed that I had the record with 50 pitches and solo 1 failure.

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