The Penalty of Panenka, one of the greatest geniuses in football history

El penalti de Panenka, una de las grandes genialidades de la historia del fútbol
Panenka's penalty was genius. PHOTO: Capture Youtube FIFA

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He Penalti de Doll It was one of those plays that went down in football history. For its execution and for the daring of the protagonist

Antonin Panenka can be proud of itself. The Czech player has passed into history as having a somewhat peculiar and bold way to launch a penalty. The origin dates back to the end of the Eurocup of 76 in between Germany and the old Checoslovaquía. Both teams had arrived tied at the end of the game, and eventually they played in penalties. Germany had failed launch and if the Czechoslovaks were marked champions.

The Penalty of Panenka, an action for history

All responsibility in the hands of a man: Doll. The sticks, the possibly best goalkeeper of the time, Sepp Maier. And madness, wait for the goalkeeper to beat to the side and subtly lift the ball gently towards the center of the goal. The objective achieved. With the Penalti de Doll, the footballer had made his country champion, and he had gotten his way.

The cause of throwing the penalty as recounted then the Panenka penalty itself to the many who had failed training with his team goalkeeper was due. Sleepless nights, they gave him an idea of ​​how to throw a penalty and not fallarlo. From there, There were many who imitated him; not all with the same success to the goal.

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