Germany 74, a killing machine and win

Germany 74, a killing machine and win
Germany's 74 he was a killing machine. PHOTO:

Germany's 74 It was not the team that played the best throughout the history of football, but one of the most won. They had all the essentials that a good set must have to succeed: a good goalkeeper (Sepp Maier), an imposing defense that he pulled the ball like angels (Franz Beckenbauer), a midfielder with hard work and talent as Rainer Bonhof and a lethal striker, a murderer area called Gerd Müller, Torpedo. With them, a cast of secondary artists than any movie sign: Overath Hoeness Berti Vogts or predator.

Germany's 74, a greased machine to win games

Perseverance and practicality were the principal characteristics of a team that prioritized the collective game to the detriment of individualities. Air balloons, pressure on the opponent, It marks a square where work and sacrifice had an unusual role. They did not play as well as they could be expected, but it did not matter. They won a world, the 74, at home and to his audience. They began without a clear dominance, and even trading away a “defeat helpful” to the other Germany, Democratic allowed him to dodge bulls like Brazil or Argentina on their way to final.

NATIONAL TEAM OF THE FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY 1974: Beckenbauer, Maier, Schwarzenbeck, Bonhof, Hölzenbein, Grabowski, Ger Mueller, Overath, Vogts, Breitner and Hoenes PHOTO: Brand

In the decider, nobody was betting on them. Face a new rival, fearful that played like no one had so far. Cruyff's Holland, Clockwork Orange, the selection had not only winning matches, but on display. With 0-1 losing in the first minute of the final, even a death row inmate had trusted as a lifeline in them.

But nevertheless, They rallied, They won and showed that they had just a slogan: win, overcome and conquer. It was like this, as two years before they had conquered the Eurocup of 72 in Brussels with the USSR and as Bayern Munich (the embryo of that selection) He had achieved a historic treble in the European Cup. Football fans will have forgotten the, perhaps remind the Netherlands that electric football also called “total”, or even, Lato to Poland, but Colgados for football here is our tribute to this selection, that's football team proved to be a machine titles.

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