Germany vs Germany: when he faced political football and the same country

Germany vs Germany: when he faced political football and the same country
The day soccer pitted Germany against Germany in a soccer World Cup. PHOTO:

There was a time when a game was played Germany vs Germany. The party disputed the 22 June 1974 the Federal Republic of Germany (RFA) y the German Democratic Republic (RDA) It will not go down in history as one of the best matches ever seen in football history. However if it will be the only party that has pitted one country against itself. A duel that revealed two political styles and life faced: capitalism against communism.

Germany vs Germany, the day when a country divided in two faced each other in a soccer match

It happened at the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg during the last day of the group stage of the world 74 from Germany. Booked solid ( more than 1500 Fans came from the GDR), the two already qualified, should find out who of them would agree as group winners for the second phase. However, and despite having the insured pass to the next round there was a lot at stake. Honor, prestige, politics, a fine…something more important than a simple victory, the staging political system that was better.

This was reflected on the pitch, where tension and nerves surrounding both selections. Excessive fear of losing struck a match with few opportunities where the highlight would the minute 77 meeting when Jürgen Sparwaser would score the only goal of the match that gave the RDA victory.

It was more than a goal, It was the victory of a team that debuted in the World Cup for the first time and that made him big time, defeating his other half. In front, Berti Vogts's, Frank Beckenbauer, Müller or Meier could not believe what happened. Things, nevertheless, they changed drastically in the next phase where the RDA was eliminated in a terrible group with Argentina, Brazil and the Netherlands. For your part, West Germany got the tournament defeating in the end to the “Mechanical orange” Johan Cruyff.

The importance of the match, only between the two, it was so big that in the Hannover Expo 2000 a statue was dedicated to the author of the goal, Jürgen saving water, the same who said that "if on my tombstone written only 'Hamburg 74', people will know who lies there under ".

Germany vs Germany: Sparwasser scored the winning goal with this release.
Sparwasser scored the winning goal with this release. PHOTO: Brand
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