The saga of Alonso: Grandfather, father and son with the Spanish squad for the first time in history

La saga de los Alonso: Abuelo, padre e hijo con la selección española por primera vez en la historia
Marcos Alonso belongs to a group of soccer players. PHOTO:

Last update 10 November, 2022 by Alberto Llopis

Julen Lopetegui announced yesterday the list of the Spanish football team prior to the World Cup Russia 2018. It showed, for the first time, the name of Marcos Alonso. Chelsea winger lefty, finally getting be cited for the absolute Red, meriting something coming after a great career first at Fiorentina and now at Chelsea.

With the arrival of Marcos Alonso to Red, a unique case will occur in the history of Spain and that both grandfather, father and son have played with the selection of our country. Grandpa, Marcos Alonso, better known as 'Marquitos', He debuted with Spain a 17 March 1955 Chamartin against France. For your part, Marcos Alonso Peña, son of 'Marquitos', the Spanish coat also donned March, in this case of 1981. His debut came at Wembley Stadium.

Now, it's time for Marcos Alonso Mendoza, which in theory it will also debut the month of March either in the party that Spain will face Argentina or Germany in the next two friendlies will prepare for the World Cup next summer.

The case of Alonso is unique in our country. However, There are several cases worldwide. Uruguay's Forlán, the Weiss with Czechoslovakia and Slovakia, the Feeney Northern Ireland and Eman with Egypt have gotten before. It takes the cake Family Chicharito, the only one who has been able to be in three different world.

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