The day father and son played professional football game together

The day father and son played professional football game together
When the famous change. In which father and son coincided in an international match. PHOTO: capture Youtube

There was a day when a father and son played in an international match. we find ourselves, Iceland. An island, a country lost in the North Atlantic Ocean. Just 331.000 People live in a volcanic soil, characterized desert wind, rain and a full hearty sympathy inhabitants boast that could leave their babies sleep nap outdoors without fear of being kidnaped or cold (so they get used) and they get their pay nothing for university studies that anywhere in the world usually cost a significant amount of money.

In that context, in this strange context, It also plays football. Because Iceland has a national team and to make matters worse it has beaten a world champion and in the second decade of the 2000 entered the international scene with force participating in the European Championship 2016 and the Russia World Cup 2018.

However, There is a selection of many achievements, beyond some figures isolated. In one of them we will stop today: in Eid Smári Guðjohnsen, the former Barcelona player, what in 1996 He got his country go down in history of football forever.

The day father and son played in an international match

In a qualifying match for the France World Cup 1998, and 24 April 1996, the Icelandic midfielder replaced Arnór Guðjohnsen, Or what is the same, to your father, giving the strange situation that this was the first and so far only time father and son have played together on the same computer. The son had 17 years, the father 34. One was a promise, the other an accomplished veteran who had played in Belgium (Anderlecht) and France (Girondins), among other countries.

It was an emotional change, a relay generation full-fledged. There have been many cases father and son soccer players, but in no case the relief was so representative. Thus, Colgados today for football I remember such a fact wistfully. Never a succession could be done more correctly. For something, were Nordic.

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