Tim Weah, the son of a Ballon d'Or called up by the USA for Qatar 2022

Tim Weah, the son of a Ballon d'Or called up by the USA for Qatar 2022
Tim Weah, the son of a whole Golden Ball summoned with the USA. Photo: The Sun

In the USA squad list for the World Cup in Qatar 2022 there is an illustrious surname, son of a Golden Ball, he the only one that Africa has given. And it is that his father never played with the stars and stripes since his origin was very far from there, specifically in Liberia. And it is that Tim Weah, son of the mythical George Weah, former PSG player like his father and in the ranks of Lille, es international by USA.

Tim Weah, the son of a Ballon d'Or who defends the colors of the USA

The son of the mythical George, defends the colors of his country of birth. And it is that despite the fact that his father is Liberian and has even become the head of state of the African country, Tim Weah was born in New York. The young footballer also has French nationality, but he decided to finally play with the 'Yankee' team.

George Weah he was one of the best in the world in his position, something that was not easy as there was a contemporary of other great '9’ Ronaldo Nazario as Gabriel Batistuta or. He played for PSG, AC Milan, Chelsea or City among others and managed to win the Ballon d'Or in 1995, It is the first and only African to do so far. Now his son Tim least try to approach the career of his father.

Tim Weah will get something his father couldn't get

At the moment he looks good and he will experience something that his father despite winning the Ballon d'Or and having a top career, He failed to. Unfortunately, George Weah is one of the great players in history who have never played a World Cup. Something that was impossible because George always played for his country of origin but its weakness and the lack of infrastructure made it difficult for him not to be able to experience a World Cup event throughout his career. Something that you will see fulfilled with pride in your own son.

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