George Weah, the best striker that Africa has given

George Weah, the best striker that Africa has given
George Weah celebrates a goal in a Milan shirt. PHOTO: Youtube

George Weah is the best player in the history of Africa. With permission from the legendary Eusebio (Portuguese but born in Cape Verde), Samuel Eto, Roger Milla or Didier Drogba among many others. Weah was the ‘Black Panther‘, the goal come from Liberia.

The legend of the Black Panther

The powerful African striker like almost every player on the continent, He began his path in European football in France. French football, specialist recruiting talents black continent, she noticed he. It saturated in the rows of AS Monaco 1988, where his coach at that time was Arsene Wenger, which, said of him that “George Weah yes it was a surprise. Like when a child finds a chocolate egg on Easter Sunday. I have not seen any other player as he did eclosionar”

The numbers of George Weah they endorsed the words of the technician because with Monaco, juice 103 parties, marking 47 goals. The Liberian forward remained in the Mongolian team until 1992 where he signed for PSG. In the Paris set he made excellent seasons. He won a French Cup (1993) and a League Cup (1994). Framework 16 goals in 25 European parties and gave authentic football exhibitions which earned him so that 1995 It was signed by AC Milan.

George Weah
George Weah in a match with PSG. PHOTO: Yahoo Images

George Weah, the only African Ballon d'Or in history

He did so after being top scorer in the Champions League with the French. There conquered the Scudetto of the season 1995/96 and that of the 1998/99, adding up 46 goals in 114 parties. He also collected numerous individual awards. In 1995 It became the first and to date only African player to have received the title of FIFA World Player of the Year; proclaimed African Player of the Year on two occasions, in 1989 y 1994; conquered the Golden Ball in 1995 Being the only African player to do so and the continental press proclaimed African Player of the Century.

George Weah won the Golden Ball
George Weah won the Golden Ball. PHOTO: Brand

George Weah is talking about talking about one of the most powerful strikers who have stepped on a field. with its 1,84 and their 82 kilos at his best, He possessed a powerful shot and an incredible effectiveness against the opposing goal. In summary, He had virtually all the necessary assets to become one of the largest.

So it was. With one stride he was able to leave behind several rivals and left to remember a goal he scored in San Siro against Verona. George Weah He caught the ball in front of his area and ran across the field in a race, leaving up to seven opponents behind to beat the rival goalkeeper. A work of art that is still in the retina of many football fans. From 1999, He was changing from one computer to another. He spent by Manchester City and Olympique Marseille to finish in various lower-level teams until his retirement in 2003.

The only moon in his career, was that because of the poor level of national team (he came to sponsor her to play), he could never play a World Cup competition and lower. Undoubtedly an injustice for one of the best strikers football has ever given that he thus became one of those great footballers who never played a World Cup.

Political career and his son's debut as a professional footballer

In 2005, George Weah who is an idol in Liberia, he got into politics where he fought in the elections for the presidency of the African country and managed to become the president of the African country in 2018. Without a doubt a man who always reached the top in what he proposed.

And if that was not enough, your son Timothy Weah debuted as a professional player in 2018 at PSG and debuted that same year with the US team, country where he was born to make good that of “such a stick, like son” and become one more family on the list of parents and children soccer players.

George Weah and his son Timothy Weah
Timothy Weah debuted with PSG in 2018. PHOTO: The USA

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