Coaches with more Spanish League title history

Coaches with more Spanish League title history

Do you know more coaches league titles in history? The Spanish League is one of the most prestigious in the world of football but more. The best players ever play or have played in the top flight football in Spain, tournament, which also plays host to some of the greats of world football.

Because, the coach who gets win, It increases your cache and a record that will take you to train wherever ensures. in Colgados, We remind who the coaches with more titles in the Spanish League.

1-Miguel Muñoz

Born in 1922 and died in 1990, It is one of the legendary Spanish football. He was professional player and then coach of Real Madrid during 15 years, Granada, Las Palmas, Sevilla and Spanish coach during two different stages, the last in the World 1986 in Mexico. It is the coach who has won more league with 9 his credit. record, it will take long to be reached.

2-Helenio Herrera

H.H was the first media technician story. His inflammatory statements, Mourinho make it a mere disciple. During the 60, he rolled himself well with phrases like “We win without getting off the bus”. master “Catenaccio”, coached in Spain at Barcelona and Atletico Madrid where he won 4 Leagues that way, the second most successful coach but not alone. An award he shares with the following list.

coaches with more titles
Helenio Herrera, the “Mou” the last century.

3-Johan Cruyff

The skinny is not only one of the best players in football history, It is also one of the coaches that have marked this sport and one that has won more league. its “Dream Team” It marked an era in the early 90 in style of play and also in titles. Cruyff won 4 Barcelona and leading the league in third position this if tied with Helenio Herrera.

4Enrique Fernandez

This Uruguayan coach has a curious anecdote, He won the League with Barcelona and …the real Madrid. In total they were 3 titles won between 40 and 50. A coach who perhaps is unknown to the public but one of the most successful in the history of the Spanish League.

5Fernando Daucik

They say it was the footballing father with Ladislao Kubala arrived in 1950. Ferdinand Daučík as it was called in truth, he trained 12 teams in Spain (Barcelona, Athletic, Athletic, Betis, Sevilla Españo, Zaragoza, Cádiz, Elche, Levante, Murcia and Sant Andreu which led in several stages). Won 3 Suspenders, 2 as coach of Barcelona and 1 as coach of Athletic.

Fernando Daucik with hat in the center, one of the benches of the time. Photo:
Fernando Daucik with hat in the center, one of the benches of the time. Photo:

6Luis Molowny

Case very similar to Miguel Muñoz. He was professional player, Real Madrid coach and Spanish coach. that if, Molowny “single” won 3 Leagues is not bad, which places it as one of the coaches with more titles of the maximum category of Spanish history.

7Leo Beenhakker

Dutch coached in Spain at Zaragoza and Real Madrid in two stages with which he won 3 Leagues in the late 80 and it was the first of the coaches who lost one of the two leagues in Tenerife 1992, which it could have been the fourth in his resume.

8-Pep Guardiola

The youngest player to win many titles and technical asset at the time of this writing. You can scale back on the list if the Spanish League. It is one of the most imitated and followed technicians from the world for its methodology and one of the most successful despite carrying only the elite from 2008. In less than a decade he has won many titles, among them 3 Leagues which puts him on the list. Sure it will advance.

9-Rafa Benitez

It was the big surprise of the early twenty-first century when Valencia won its amazing 2 leagues 2002 Y 2004. This fact puts here. Coach still active and relatively young for the position, You could also move up this list but his career has lost some strength despite being in great teams.

10-Javier Clemente

One of the most controversial coaches in history, a guy who leaves no one indifferent when he speaks because he always Lía. With many teams behind them in the Spanish League, The former Spanish coach made history in La Liga and Athletic Bilbao when he won 2 Suspenders, what puts him on this list.

Javier Clemente celebrates one of the league that won with Athletic.
Javier Clemente celebrates one of the league that won with Athletic.

Ricardo Zamora, “The Divine”, one of the best goalkeepers in history,  He also won two league titles as coach like Van Gaal that won with Barcelona in the late 90, Rijkaard early twenty-first century also with the Catalans and Alberto Ormaechea with Real Sociedad in 80. Cholo Simeone, age and background, could join the list. features 1 to his credit but still in the league. Mourinho, He could only win 1 in the stage of 3 years at Real Madrid. If we lack any data, Please let us in comments with your name.

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