Five finals of the UEFA Cup unforgettable

Five finals of the UEFA Cup unforgettable

The Europa League is the second most important competition at club level in Europe. With the expansion of the Champions League has been decreasing relevance. But nevertheless, There were times past where his difficulty to conquer was equivalent or even higher than the European Cup. He has left us unforgettable moments sometimes a competition that has final unfit for heart. In honor of those moments, in Colgados for football, We collect the five best end of the story:

1- Liverpool 5-Alavés 4: the 16 May 2001, the Westfalenstadion in Dortmund lived which is certainly the best end of the story of the tournament. A historical and a newcomer gave an ode to football that ended 4-4 to the end of the regulation time after a goal by Jordi Cruyff at the last minute. The extension was crazy. Outcome, tremendous. Delfi Geli's goal own goal gave the victory to the English.

2- Bayern de Leverkusen 3- RCD Spanish 0: then with ñ, the Catalan club would remember what happened one 18 May 1988 en el Ulrich Haberland Stadium de Leverkusen. With an advantage of 3-0 obtained for Sarria was about to meet a mere formality. Everything seemed controlled with a 0-0 break. But nevertheless, in the second half all came crashing down. The Germans leveled the tie and forced penalties, where they conquered the title.

3- Sevilla 2- Espanyol 2: the 16 May 2007, Hampden Park lived a magical night for Spanish football. Match between two teams eager to make a big European title ended in overtime and penalties. Sevilla fans were better Espanyol again and had to settle for second place, obtained again on penalties.

4- 3 Inter-Lazio 0: the season 1997-98 It was the first to decide to end one-party. They did this through two Italian teams, Inter and Lazio. They won a resounding Milan. But to remember, will remain the magical Dodge Ronaldo. A work of art ineradicable.

Ronaldo beat Parma goalkeeper with a dribble from another planet.
Ronaldo beat Parma goalkeeper with a dribble from another planet.

5- Stuttgart 3- Naples 3: the 17 May 1989 Maradona's Napoli won the UEFA Cup to the tying 3 in Germany and assert the 2-1. Without the double value of away goals, The game was crazy to round trip he could have fallen on either side.

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