Older players to debut in League history

Older players to debut in League history
Armando Ribeiro debuted with the last long Cádiz 30. PHOTO: As

Who are the oldest players to debut in the history of the Spanish League? This question, They make sure that many Spanish football fans is that, If ever we find cases of players that chance to play in the elite reaches them in mid-teens or twenties new entry, there are others who reach when least expected, when they were almost about to throw in the towel. So in Colgados, We remember some of the older players to debut in the history of the Spanish League.

Armando Ribeiro

Armando debut in the elite 34 years nothing more and nothing less than a Cádiz-Real Madrid 2005. His good work in the Andalusian He earned him to sign on 2008 already 37 years with Athletic Bilbao. A least curious case since age fichaba others had already hung up the gloves. One can say that the best of his career and came well into the thirties.

Vicente Moreno

Valencia was one of the engines Xerez for many years but his fate seemed doomed to the Second Division until the rise of xerecista First team in 2009. This caused Vicente Moreno, debuted in the top flight with 34 years and got his first goal in First Division already 35 springs behind. Is the second most capped player in the history Xerez.

Jonathan “Jona” López

In the late 90 it was one of the most promising players in the quarry of Valencia. In fact, at the beginning of the XXI century it was one of the best paid of all young values ​​of the Valencia team. But nevertheless, what seemed a brilliant career came to nothing. He went through the Albacete, Oviedo, Cordoba…without much luck to finish in her thirties playing in Greece. When the Spanish soccer elite seemed to have forgotten him lGetafe bequeathed to sign him with 33 years already served, the age at which finally managed to debut in First Division.

older players to debut in the league
Jona Lopez waited until the 33 to debut in First. PHOTO: Brand

Jesus Mendoza

Xerez another player managed to reach the top flight when least expected. Left back and captain set azulino He debuted 32 years already served in the First Division. A good prize for the most capped player in the history of Andalusian. Another of those Older players to debut in League history

Enric Gallego

With 31 years played in Second B. Proven goalscorer in the bronze category, he got the chance to climb to second on the Estremadura. Half turn professional and 15 goals, They won him to make the jump to First division for Huesca debut in the second round of the League 2018-19, with 32 years. He scored once. One player oldest to debut in League history

Ruben Suarez

Ruben Suarez It was a promising southpaw 1999. The son of the legendary Cundi, formed in the quarry Sporting Gijon He was summoned to go to Spain to Nigeria World Sub 20 which ultimately, would win. A computer that had players like Xavi, Casillas, Marchena, Yeste..todos them with multiple parties in First. But nevertheless, Reuben's career was a bit slow, especially for a serious knee injury in Elche. Finally, in 2008 the Levante He noticed him and became one of the most important and beloved players of the club with which granota He debuted 31 years in the top flight scoring a goal to Sevilla the same day.

the oldest players to debut in League history
So Ruben Suarez celebrated his debut and his first goal in First to 31 years. PHOTO: AS


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