Pierluigi Collina, the referee who terrified footballers

Pierluigi Collina, the referee who terrified footballers
Collina always commanded respect in the matches that he refereed. PHOTO: capture Youtube
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Considered by FIFA as the best referee of all time, Pierluigi Collina is one of the most beloved figures, respected and above all, most feared on the field of play. Their 1,90 of height, huge blue eyes and bald head, they made a spectral and intimidating appearance, that he knew how to take advantage of to enforce the regulation, without question.

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Pierluigi Collina was born in Italy a 13 February 1960 and from a very young age he showed a great passion for football, getting to play as a central defender, while combining his studies in economics and business at the Oldest House of Studies in the West, the university of bologna. But nevertheless, the constant irregularities that he saw in the field, and the impunity with which they were carried out, they disenchanted him to the point of abandoning the sport.

Fortunately, the intervention of his teammates and the suggestion that he train as a referee, they gave back the love to the game, by having the power to make the matches fair, respectful and without unsportsmanlike attitudes.

After a short break to complete compulsory military service, pick up the whistles on 1988, completely transformed. The experience not only intensified his stern attitude and officiating style, but also contracted alopecia that stripped his head and face of all hair, giving it its characteristic appearance. Changes that helped him gain a meteoric rise in the world of arbitration.

In every match led by Collina, all players must think twice every action, Well, in the face of a lack of gravity, the referee did not hesitate to show them the red card no matter how famous they were. And if any offender dared to question it, an intimidating look was enough to make him see reason.


Recognition of your work ethic

The impeccable work of Pierluigi Collina, he made him an inevitable during the finals of the Italian League, the Champions League, the Eurocup and the World Cups, key events for fans and best bookmakers in chile, where bets on how many yellow and red cards can be drawn on the field have become popular.

After reaching the 45 years, retirement age for referees, FIFA itself, and then the Italian League wanted to make an exception to allow him to play a couple more years, but sign the regulations and your own code of ethics, reject these preferential treatment.

During his career, Collina got more than 1445 yellow cards and 158 red cards. His sense of justice and love for fair play earned him the respect of the entire sports community., as well as various awards and honors, among them a medal for his work after his last World Cup in 2002, as well as being the first and only referee to be the cover of the video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2003.

However, he can still be seen heading the UEFA referee committee, preparing the next generation of colleges, overseeing charity matches, among other events, as the Women's U-20 World Cup final disputed in Costa Rica. Despite having more than 60 years, wearing a suit and away from the grass, Collina's figure continues to command the same respect that sentenced more than one cheater back to the bench.

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