The worst striker in the history of Levante

The worst striker in the history of Levante

You consider the worst thing is not tasteful dish for anyone. You become the worst striker in the history of a club that has more than 100 nor years. But the Algerian Nabil Ghilas has merits and left over to be the worst striker in the history of Levante at least in the last two or three decades. Granota passing through the club has been far below what was expected of him who signed him as their passage through Córdoba last year did not give cause for optimism overall amateur. At the end it was fulfilled what the latter thought.

And is that Ghilas, Levante came after finishing the previous season and defenestrado section of Córdoba, I had made one of the worst seasons in the history of the First Division by adding only 20 points and descending to Second. A decline that repeated a year later with the club granota. Upon arrival, alarms jumped at him with a few kilos more to be an elite player, a problem that failed to fix all season.

his season, directly to forget. Ghilas played 20 games with Levante, 1065 minutes where he scored a whopping figure 0 goals, but perhaps this fact makes it clear why, 5 shots on goal in all those minutes. A player who eventually ousted again by the crowd and by a trainer, Ruby, maybe it relied too much on the Algerian despite his disastrous performance. The thing has come to the point that a fan of Levante has made this great video that collects the great goals from Nabil Ghilas with Levante.

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