The carousel of injustice

The carousel of injustice

While the 1st. Mexico division is in its semifinal stage, Immediate series, Liga de Ascenso, invalidates who climb to the top flight. The contenders are the Rays of Necaxa (recent champion Clausura tournament 2016) and Braves Ciudad Juarez (monarch in the Apertura 2015), duel that have defined this Saturday 21 of May.

But happiness to achieve the longed rise soon becomes an ordeal for the winning team, and suffering and anguish for their hobby, as they face a problem that, without being new, It does affect the dreams of directors, players and fans: the percentage system to determine the team that will descend division at the end of the next football year, method that has prevailed since the season 1991-92, that is to say, make 25 years.

A quarter of a century in which this procedure which involves dividing the points scored from matches played in the last 6 tournaments, that is to say, 3 largas- seasons has not only shattered illusions, but full franchises, defeated before the onslaught of a reality that is unfair to many.

In the 1ª. Division one team descends -obviously, with the worst average-, immediate division, in this case the Promotion alloy. A newly promoted teams or under 6 seasons in the maximum circuit, their ratio is extracted counting only with playing seasons. For this reason, their average may rise or fall more easily, according win, draw or lose.

further, who rises category must meet requirements such as capacity and conditions of their stadium seat, and besides having youth representative in the Under-13 categories, Sub-15, Sub-17 y Sub-20, something that is almost impossible to cater for teams competing in the Liga de Ascenso, for economic investment that represents, apart from the emotional exhaustion that involves holding the first team in the top division.

A) Yes, in this 2016, for second consecutive Year, the team returned immediately promoted to the second category. It happened in the previous cycle to the University of Guadalajara (Traditional squad that had its heyday in the decades of 70 Y 80, with 3 subchampionships League and Cup title). And at this stage 2015-16 It happened to the Dorados de Sinaloa; yes, the club where Pep Guardiola came into exile ago 10 years, just as he also lived a decrease in the cycle 2005-2006.

Lillo went to Guardiola in Mexico.
Lillo went to Guardiola in Mexico.

But nevertheless, until recently 2 cases, the trend had changed significantly for "Benjamins": La Piedad, which amounted in the process 2012-2013 -after he became the typical franchise setting, so common in Mexico in Veracruz and managed to secure category, so the team that started the year was the Atlante, another shirt long tradition in the Aztec football.

Before, in 2011-2012, Leon rose and consolidated, and even he obtained 2 League titles almost immediately (Opening 2013 and Closing 2014). Los Gallos Blancos of Queretaro (where he recently played "Ronaldinho") it was the end of the year (Closing 2013), but he returned immediately by buying the franchise Jaguares de Chiapas.

Finally, Xolos de Tijuana conquered the period 2010-2011 and to date continues in 1st. Division, having achieved a degree -under the technical direction of Antonio "Turkish" Mohamed- in Opening 2012. Estudiantes Tecos (Tecolotes before the Autonomous University of Guadalajara, with participation from 1975 in the honor division) he left ingloriously after holding that Clausura 2012.

Now, in these 2 most recent championships, the trend has reversed: the last teams that have won the category have failed to compete with the disadvantageous design Machiavellian minds, undoubtedly, thereby they aim to "protect" the teams considered "large", for if you ever are involved in a slump.

And this regulation allows a mediocre participation of any team in 2 short tournaments that make up the footballing year, with few points and still having finished in some of them in last place in the standings, be saved if the 4 previous events brought together a "cushion" of units, in mathematical operation, will mean his oxygen tank.

In fact, This has happened to Guadalajara, one of the 2 Popular in Mexico, which he has been downright stingy performances in recent years, but he has always had as a "shield" the club has promoted. Since 2012, Mediocrity has been the rojiblanco seal: Closing 2012 (15º. Table Place, of 18 participants); Opening 2012 (8º.); Closing 2013 (17º., that is to say, penultimate); Opening 2013, 16º., that is, antepenultimate); Closing 2014 (15º.); Opening 2014 (16º.), and only to the current Clausura 2015 He rose to 5th. General site.

In a "normal" league, no regulations as the Mexican managers are removed from the sleeve to protect their interests, to such embarrassing results Chivas had probably already fallen.

This annual Carousel of what many consider a "injustice", the most notable exception is, undoubtedly, Emilio Butragueno Celaya, which he was runner-up in the climbing season, a staff without great figures, Spanish except crack, and he came within a goal of the title against the then powerful Necaxa, so was crowned champion. It was precisely the "vulture" who missed, Point Blank, a header that could mean the advantage for so-called Toros, finally they succumbed this evening at the "Azteca" stadium without really losing the final (they tied 1-1 Y 0-0, duels reciprocal visit, but at that 1996 define the rules allowing the monarch by double value to the away goal).

Vulture on his time in Celaya.
Vulture on his time in Celaya.

But nevertheless, Statistics do not lie and the 2 seasons, the club amounting next year is back to the immediate division, sometimes at the speed of light, as the Dorados de Sinaloa, who received his conviction held the day after 14 (that is to say, almost one month before the end of the Clausura 2016).

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