Footballers problems with justice in Mexico

Futbolistas con problemas con la justicia en México

Last update 7 November, 2015 by Alberto Llopis

For the umpteenth Benzema justice revolutionized sports news European French after spending one night held by the French authorities for obscure case of blackmail your partner or friend Valbuena. However, as you already have in this article , Many players end up arrested or viéndoselas with the law despite having everything in life. That's why, Today we take a look at a country where this happens unfortunately often, Mexico where there are many players who have seen them with the law.

The most recent case is that of the players of Necaxa: Luis Gorosito and Alejandro Molina. Both got into a fight with a young student outside a bar. They beat him so that left serious sequelae, so severe that eventually causing death a few months later. It happened in August 2015 and he died in early November this year. Both players now face a harsh sentence that will change causing serious injury to homicide.

Alejandro Molina y Luis Gorosito se enfrentan a una dura condena.
Alejandro Molina and Luis Gorosito face a harsh sentence.

It is not the only case happened unfortunately in the beautiful Mexican country. Some were convicted of drunk driving or driving causing fatal accidents as Aurelio Rivera, one of the famous “cachirules”,Adrian Chavez, Gonzalo Farfan former player of America, Ramon Ramirez and Isaac Terrazas. Carlos Alvarez Maya, Colombian player Necaxa 2003, He was arrested at the airport when that year was carrying a somewhat murky money in a briefcase.

More serious was the Omar “the cat” Ortíz, who he was suspended for doping while playing in Monterrey and subsequently arrested and put in prison for belonging to a mafia gang that carried out kidnappings. Almost nothing. A few cases of broken toys in Mexican soccer. A country as beautiful as equally convulsive. The source of this article has been the Article of the Mexican middle If you want to know that Mexican players were killed on active can continue reading this article.

Omar Ortíz detenido por la policía mexicana. Foto:
Omar Ortíz arrested by Mexican police. Photo:

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