Footballers killed in Mexico

Footballers killed in Mexico

Mexico is a country of breathtaking natural beauty, enjoying great landscapes, varied climates and great hospitality. No obstante, that quality has been overshadowed by the more formidable climates that can be felt: The violence. In the Aztec nation, It operates a "law of the jungle" in which seeks to survive at the expense of many situations.

The corruption, problems arising from the economy, the lack of education, among many other factors, give rise to serious tensions in society, affecting the high crime rate that promotes proliferation of theft, armed robbery, squabbles, settling of scores, abductions, extortions, drug trafficking, etc. All these phenomena usually end in a bloody bloodshed, in the last eight years, He has claimed the lives of about 80 a thousand people, According to unofficial sources, but more accurate.

Among the many victims, excel various sectors Sui generis, that being public figures, causing the biggest stir among the population suffer when attacks. One of these sectors, conforms the union of footballers. Only a week ago, He began a series of events that dismayed a large part of the population. In a series of attacks over the week, They were killed 31 People in the city of Iguala, in the state of Guerrero. In this affront, one of the victims was the young footballer 15 year old, Hornets belonging to Chilpancingo, Third Division team, that life went by the name of David Garcia Evangelista.

Violence in Mexico is unfortunately a scourge.
Violence in Mexico is unfortunately a scourge.

Some of these actions occurred when the team returned to their hometown and were attacked by police, who allegedly perpetrated an attack against students from the town of Ayotzinapa. In this attack isolated, They were fired around 400 projectiles at the bus apparently was mistaken for the student who was directed aggression. these shots, also they ended the life of the driver. Many of the team members suffered considerable injuries.

The fact, he reminded, other episodes that have been violated, both Mexican footballers, and foreign, who have been assaulted for no apparent reason. the episode that ended the career of Salvador Cabins much remember 2010; kidnapping technical Ruben Omar Romano in 2005, and aggression in a bar, former footballer Antonio Carlos Santos 2008. In all these preserves of violence, the victims had much fortune and lived to tell the tale. Sin embargo, Some of these attacks, They ended in unfortunate deaths, as discussed below.

Cabins making bread survives after being shot in the head.
Cabins making bread survives after being shot in the head.

Octavio "Penny" Muciño (1950-1974): El 3 de junio de 1974, that midfielder who until today, It remains an emblem of Cruz Azul, He was killed in Guadalajara, after arguing and fighting with the son of a businessman jalisciense. After the squabble, the rival, Jaime Barreto name, shot against Muciño, who then he played in the Guadalajara Chivas city. He died in the hospital, days after intense agony.

Jaime Lopez (1949-1974): El 24 de junio de 1974, Jaime Lopez, Muciño own mate, He was killed in 15 tiros, when he accompanying a political leader. It is presumed that the attack was not directed against him but the leader himself, who also he died. There was only a small difference in days between a crime and the other.

Jose Guadalupe Ibarra (¿-1982): Shortly before the World Cup held in Spain, Toluca defender was killed, while trying to defend a woman who at that time was abused by her husband. In the act, the assailant pulled out a gun and shot Ibarra, who could have saved; by not receiving the required assistance I ended up bleeding, passing away at the moment.

David “Magic” Mendoza (1978-2008): El 1 de Noviembre de 2008, David Mendoza was killed by five shots, just outside a shopping mall in Guadalajara. En el momento de la agresión, nicknamed "Magic", who will play for Atlas, Chivas and Cruz Azul, He was accompanied by another former footballer, David Zepeda, who was uninjured. It is presumed that he was mistaken for a drug dealer.

Edgar Garcia God (1977-2010): El 26 de Junio de 2010, former player of Toluca, Edgar Garcia God, He was killed while driving a taxi. It was presumed victim of an assault, Garcia's life but God had a phase of excesses, after his failure in football. The player is remembered for having a fleeting passage by the Linz of Austria, thanks to the initiative of Hugo Sánchez.

Guillermo Meza (1988-2010): Footballer of the missing Pumas Morelos Second Division, of just 23 years, He was killed in an assault outside University Metro Station, near the training center UNAM Pumas. Al momento de la agresión, He was accompanied by a friend and waited for a companion. The assailants stole the girl bag, and they tried to steal the deceased Volkswagen Bora, who struggled trying to flee. Thieves caught up with them and killed the young footballer.

Guillermo Meza was another of the terrible list of injured players.
Guillermo Meza was another of the terrible list of injured players.

Luis Antonio Ortiz and Andrés Barba (¿1998?-2013): Young players U15 Guadalajara. Both were abducted and killed after he allegedly made mockery of a schoolmate, who was the son of a drug lord. After being summoned to go to a mall by deception, They were kidnapped. Despite issuing an Amber Alert and keep families on tenterhooks, youth appeared riddled with visible signs of torture days.

Noah Hernandez (1978-2013): Marcher. Despite not being a footballer, Hernandez highlighted as an Olympic runner walk in Sydney 2000. El 30 de diciembre del 2012, He was the victim of an assault in a bar. He received a bullet in the head that meant the loss of an eye. He was discharged days later; however he died 16 of January of 2013, after a cardiac arrest. Death apparently resulted from the aftermath of the attack. Medical malpractice accused.

Alan Quevedo: (1999-2014): Young U15, who militated in Veracruz Sharks, He was killed along with Miguel Morales Calelas, professional taekwondoín of 25 years. Both perished in wanting to face the alleged hijackers brother Quevedo, who he was kidnapped a few days before.

Young Alan Quevedo was shot.
Young Alan Quevedo was murdered.

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