When the play-offs is synonymous with success

Cuando la repesca es sinónimo de éxito

Last update 17 October, 2013 by Julio Muñoz

Uruguay, Mexico, France, Croatia, Portugal, Sweden…There are many important choices that could not access the World Cup finals in Brazil next June once finished the qualifying. powerful rivals, Sports crisis or evil ways states have led in some cases and in others that these historical look doomed to stake everything on one card. However, It is not the first time you go to the play-offs (or repechage as like to call in Latin America) It is synonymous with success or go far in the World Cup.

There have been many teams after playing a playoff have managed to do great things at the World or European Championships. Denmark, without going further, won the European Championship 1992 while on holiday and being detained at the last minute after the withdrawal of Yugoslavia competition. In final stages mundialistas, Uruguay was a semifinalist in South Africa 2010 after eliminating Costa Rica so agonized in the American repechaje.

México y Uruguay tienen graves problemas para estar en Brasil.
Mexico and Uruguay have serious problems to be in Brazil.

Further still it came in Germany 2002 He played the World Cup finals in Korea and Japan after being thrashed in the group stage by England in the famous 1-5 and having to deal with Ukraine in a playoff to face but in an environment full of tension and doubt. four before, Suker Croatia and company arrived in France 98 to four after finishing second group in the classification stage after Denmark and eliminate Ukraine in respeca. Repechage also had to play in the World 1994 Maradona's Argentina after falling 0-5 to Colombia.

The Argentines, nevertheless, They could not pass the second round in the United States. Precisely, exhausting the coffee had the same last bullet in Italy 90, where they fell in the second round after winning a playoff with Valderrama and Higuita at the front. In 1986, Belgium reach semifinals, but he had to overcome a dramatic play-off against their Dutch neighbors.

In conclusion, nobody has been able to win a World Cup since the play-offs, but there have been finalists in the last five World, one of the semifinalists came from the repechage. An exciting thing for Mexico, France, Portugal, Uruguay and many other powers in trouble.

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