The weekly review of the Institution: the situation in Mexico and the goal that was not in Germany

For those of us hanging for football it has been a week without news of interest to our domestic premier league. Talking about the same and the same is beginning to be very tiresome. But nevertheless, The good news - although it was sung - has been the direct qualification of our Spanish team for the next World Cup in Brazil 2014. I have not come to understand, the reasons why, champion team has had to play league and to qualify to defend their title, Unexplained when Brazil for being the organizer, It is classified mathematically, It should not be the same for champions?.If it was before.

Most commented on networks and the sports press, It is the possible end of the current cycle world champion. It is very true, the "tiki taka" that the ill-fated adjective journalist Andres Montes (whose death have been met 4 years this week and we remember you in Colgados) It led to all corners of the footballing world, It is being criticized from many sectors futboleros. The results of this form of gambling are there, but the selection is very predictable and strong teams like Germany, Belgium renewed with players like Lukaku, Benteke, Dembele, Vertonghen and Courtois among others, Italy always, Netherlands and host Brazil, they will give much war and some movement should make the Forest for the rest of time.

Of course this next World Cup is leaving many surprises, powerful selections as Mexico, France, Portugal and Uruguay have not yet ticket, although the latter is the better it is for the opponent that he has had in the play-offs (Jordan). The most curious and say that verges on the grotesque, It has been what happened in the Mexican national team. The dismissal of coach Victor Manuel Vucetich, only two games as coach would have been enough to be removed. His place will occupy the coach of America and will do only for the two repechage matches, to which they classified in such a way as lucky rocambolesca. often nonsense, equal blame should fall on the players. A real sorry for what is happening this selection.

Another major surprise, They have been the selections from France, Facing Portugal in the play-offs for a place, would leave one of the two out of the competition. Wait for the next November where 11 remaining selections, among which they are African with special mention of Ghana and Ivory Coast as the best positioned in the final sprint.

Today I do not want to close my comments, without mentioning the curious fact, shameful and scandalous that has occurred this week during the Bundesliga match, entre el y Bayer Leverkusen Hoffenheim. The defeat of the latter by 1-2 It has been preceded by granting a valid goal completely illegal and has been much talk in the highest institutions of world football. It is unacceptable that a nation like Germany has not solved this dismal failure of an arbitrator. FIFA finally be who will determine whether the match should be replayed or not, giving a verdict to this incomprehensible situation, that as I have long denounced, technology should be at the service of fair play, Of course, never at the expense of undermining the arbitration action but help you determine what the "human eye" can not do.



Sergio Barres


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