Raul and David Villa, Who has been the best Spanish striker history?

Raul and David Villa, Who has been the best Spanish striker history?

The march almost certainly David Villa to New York City will mean goodbye to one of the best strikers in the history of Spanish Liga. At present, Ranked eleventh in the ranking of highest scorers in the league with 185 many in 352 matches, Guaje deserves its own right to enter the debate about which was the best Spanish striker history. Many candidates, and as you can see, very good:

1-David Villa. Top scorer of the national team with 56 goals. Silver Ball in the World 2010 and one of the major figures of victories in Euro 2008 and the World Cup. Skill with the ball at his feet, good throwing punches francs, speed, sacrifice and especially, goal. 3 Suspenders, 1 Champions, few titles he escaped Asturian. But nevertheless, He could never win the Pichichi.

2- Raúl González. The 7 It was during the years 90 Y 2000 one enblema Real Madrid. 228 goals for Real Madrid will become the fourth highest scorer in the league and top scorer of the set target in its history. 16 years in the elite, the target of the wrath but that left 3 Champions and 6 Suspenders. He missed the Copa del Rey as well as the World Cup and a successful step for selecting which despite being the second top scorer “day” It never happened semifinals at a major tournament. Fight, delivery and opportunism, He became Silver Ball and twice Pichichi.

3- Telmo Zarra. Still top scorer in league history with 251 goals, but nevertheless, its much more I remember he went to England in the World 1950 which it served to give Spain the pass to the semifinals of the World Cup event. Six times Pichichi, Zarra's head was almost more famous than Churchill for his ability to head any center. An idol in San Mamés and one of the largest. Definitely.

4- Quini: in the years 80 the quarry of Sporting Gijon gave birth to one of the best players of the decade, Quini. a great 9 who he won five Pichichis and networks drilled League a total of 219 times. El Brujo had the gift of opportunism and a wonderful ability to move around the area.

5-César Rodríguez: the “wigs” was a myth in Barcelona during 13 seasons he scored more than 200 imborarrables goals and made plays for fans of Les Corts in years 40 Y 50. He was quick, ambidiestro, It was well head and had a goal. Possibly, Spanish striker with more resources than have been at the poor performance of the team at that time be deprived of even more famous.

César marked an era in Barcelona.
César marked an era in Barcelona.

Other great Spanish strikers worthy of being on this list:

– Emilio Butragueno: 123 and reference league goals in World 1986.

– World: 195 goals and key player for years in Valencia.

– Santillana: one of the best heads that has given the Spanish football.

– Fernando Torres: few but important goals in Spain. Fundamental many years at Liverpool and selection.

– Julio Salinas: many voices criticize inclusion but this is a player who scored more than 150 league goals and an example of longevity.

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