Azteca Stadium, one of the largest in the world

El estadio Azteca, uno de los más grandes del mundo
The Azteca stadium is one of the temples of World football. PHOTO:

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Azteca Stadium is one of the temples of football. One of the largest stadiums on the planet. If there is someone who can be part the eternal dilemma of who was better, Pele or Maradona if, that's the lawn the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City.

Azteca Stadium has hosted two World Finals, with Pelé and Maradona

Given that eThis venue is the only one that has seen both world phenomena, Pele in 1970 and Maradona 1986, consecrate themselves as champions of the world with their national teams. If that were not enough baggage, It should be added that lhe Azteca stands have also been able to enjoy the “God's goal” y he “Match of the Century”.

The origin of this historic coliseum must be placed on 29 May 1966 when a friendly match was held on the occasion of its opening between America and Torino ended in a draw two. It would be the staging of a stadium that would serve for his first major international event, he World Mexico 70.

The famous “match of the century” It was played at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City

In the tournament, the Azteca was going to witness the famous semifinal duel between Italy and Germany, known as the “Match of the Century, that ended in 4-3 in favor of the transalpines and with Beckenbauer with his arm in a sling. Besides, It was the stage for the grand finale, where Pelé's Brazil would achieve its third world championship by defeating the aforementioned Italy.

The Azteca was the place where Maradona destroyed the British and the “God's hand”

If a World Cup will not be enough, proved also host World Cup 1986, in this case accidentally. Colombia was chosen the 11 June 1974 to host, but breaches of the requirements, pressure from sponsors, political instability and drug trafficking led the FIFA decided to replace the Colombian country for Mexico.

And the Aztec stadium not going to fail again. This time two events were to excel: he England- Argentina quarterfinal where Maradona would put the goal of the century to the mid regatearse British team after starting from the field itself, and the hand of God, which serve to open the scoring in this duel. Besides, would host the final between Argentines and Germans that would lift the world cup to Maradona.

Currently, he Azteca stadium hosts games America de Mexico and it is one of the largest sports venues in the world and of course, the greatest mexico. It is also a venue used for many concerts such as those starring Michael Jackson, Luis Miguel or U2. It has also been the site of some historic combat such as the one caused by Julio Cesar Chavez and Greg Haugen that would end with the victory of the first and where they would be witnesses 132.000 personas.

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