From Messi to CR7 – Incidents that ended up in court

From Messi to CR7 – Incidents that ended up in court
From Messi to CR7 - Incidents that ended up in court.

From Messi to CR7, going through several South American teams such as Gonzalo Plata. It is the close relationship between the world of football and justice. Here is an example of some incidents that ended up in court.

The most recent case was the Ecuadorian soccer player Gonzalo Plata, Valladolid player and one of the figures of the Ecuadorian team.

Footballer 21 years was involved in a car accident, when he collided with a taxi in the city of Valladolid. Causing minor injuries to two people, consequence of the incident. The player threw in his breathalyzer twice as much as allowed by Spanish law.

The spanish hacienda: A headache for Messi, Ronaldo and Alexis

Several athletes have had problems with taxes and the Spanish treasury has had no mercy with any figure in world football. Both Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or the Chilean team, Alexis Sánchez have had problems with taxation and payment of taxes.

Both Messi and CR7 were finally sentenced to 21 already 23 months in jail, respectively, In both cases, they were given a shorter period than what the law requires for their effective entry into prison., so they finally did not go through jail, buts if they had to pay high financial penalties.

Alexis Sanchez, current Inter Milan player, reached an agreement with the prosecution to evade taxes through a company in Malta. The Chilean pleaded guilty to evasion of almost one million euros.

Benzema and the Valbuena case

The extraordinary Real Madrid striker has been involved in an extortion case against his former teammate Mathieu Valbuena, threatening to display a sexually content video.

Valbuena reported this blackmail to justice and recently we learned that Benzema was found guilty of complicity in this case. The scorer of the "blues" was sentenced to one year in jail (exempt from compliance) and a penalty of 75.000 euros , for attempted extortion.

The strange case of Lucas Hernández

The Bayern Munich footballer has been accused of gender or sexist violence, against his ex partner. Hernández was found guilty, they both had a restraining order, But it all got confusing when the couple went on their honeymoon, breaking the law. The worst of all is that they both uploaded images of their vacations through social networks.

Ronaldinho the last crack in jail

The popular Ronaldinho Gaucho, He is the only one of all these cases that has been in a jail. The Brazilian spent a month in prison in a Paraguayan penitentiary.

The reason was the falsification of passport when entering the South American country. The former Barcelona, Milan, among others had to pay 1.600.000 bail dollars to finish serving the sentence in house arrest of another five months in a hotel in Asunción, capital of Paraguay. Total, The former world champion was imprisoned with his brother (who is also his representative) by 171 days.

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